Great storytelling has always been a key component to adventure gaming – after all, what is an adventure if not a story? Kenney’s Bite Sized Non Adventures Part 1 takes the basic mechanics of adventure games, but packages them in as mundane a story as possible. The results? A tongue-in-cheek non-adventure simply entitled Watch a Movie.

Kenney’s Bite Sized Non Adventures Part 1: Watch a Movie is a short little parody of the adventure genre that won’t take many gamers more than a couple of minutes to complete. Is it meant to demonstrate how well the puzzling elements of an adventure game can stand on their own? Is it meant to poke fun at how ridiculous the interactive elements of an adventure game often are? Whatever the developers intentions, it’s hard for an adventure game veteran to not crack a smile when faced with a game where the sole purpose is to watch a movie.

 Watch a Movie

The game doesn’t offer any over-the-top silliness or wacky items to collect -the humor here seems to stem solely from the non-story behind the game. As the player you’ll need to complete such tasks as finding the DVD, putting it in the player, finding the remote, turning off the lights and sitting down on the couch. It’s ridiculous, but in a good way.

Like any good adventure game, you’ll find a number of objects to interact with around the room. Many of these lead to cute little observations, while others pay homage to adventure games of the past. The only real problem we had with the game was some minor difficulties in interacting with certain key objects like the DVD Player. It wasn’t impossible mind you, but unless we were lined up perfectly with the item, we’d end up triggering another item that was obscured by the TV (like the PS3 on his floor, or his second Dreamcast.)

Kenney’s Bite Sized Non Adventures Part 1: Watch a Movie is either absurdly mundane or mundanely absurd. Whichever description you go with, it’s a game that’s bound to lead to a few minutes worth of chuckling. It’s nothing award-winning, but it doesn’t try to be either. If you’ve ever considered yourself a fan of point-and-click adventures, consider this game two minutes of your day well-spent.