Reflexive Entertainment’s futuristic brick-busting series Ricochet, which has been a mainstay on PC, Mac and Xbox for many years, will soon be making its debut on Apple’s App Store thanks to a version of Ricochet Infinity currently in development for iPhone.

The PC/Mac version of Ricochet Infinity featured dynamic Arkanoid-style gameplay with interactive levels, dozens of power-ups, and a curved bumper that gave players more control over the ball by allowing them to bounce it off different edges. The iPhone version takes the controls a step further, with the device’s tilt sensing ability letting players nudge the ball towards the target when it’s a little off track.

Other features will include:

  • 100 levels across nine different exotic planets, including volcanic, sunken city, outer space, and several alien worlds
  • 10 trophies to earn that reward skillful play, and 500 rings hidden in hard to reach parts of the levels
  • 24 different ships to unlock, each with a different special ability
  • 13 different decorative balls to personalize the game
  • 4 levels of difficulty including a “kids” mode that makes it impossible to lose