Hot off the heels of securing an additional $25 million in outside funding, ngmoco has purchased the popular iPhone developer Freeverse for an undisclosed amount. Freeverse, the developer behind top-selling titles Skee-Ball and Flick Fishing is the second acquisition by ngmoco, who had acquired Epic Pet Wars developer Miraphonic last fall.

Freeverse’s current catalogue of games is comprised entirely of paid apps, however Tech Crunch is reporting that ngmoco CEO Neil Young has stated his intention to move these games to ngmoco’s “freemium” business model; offering the games for free and earning money solely from in-app purchases.

In a conversation with Bruce Morrison, Senior Producer at Freeverse, Touch Arcade has confirmed that Freeverse’s current catalogue of games (as well as recently announced titles) will largely remain unaffected by this deal.

“We are not making changes to our current titles (well adding Plus+ awards and leader boards to a lot that need them). The current titles you know about, the stuff about to come out (Zombie Cannon Carnage and Warpgate) are not changing and are going to be the games we promised.”

In addition to the Freeverse acquisition, ngmoco has purchased the game Charadium from its current developer On5, stating intentions to turn this product free-to-play as well.

With outside funding for ngmoco now reaching an astounding $40.6 million, we’re eager to see which developer or product ngmoco chooses to snatch up next. Something tells me it’s going to be an interesting 2010 for the iPhone development community.