For five years, busybody waitress and restaurant entrepreneur Flo has been corralling customers and keeping their stomachs full of greasy goodness. But modern times have made the public more health-conscious and acutely aware of their rapidly expanding waistlines. Flo’s attempt to keep up with the changing times backfires in Diner Dash 5: BOOM! Judging from our recent hands-on time with the game, we can safely say the fifth main entry in the Diner Dash series is going to be the wildest and funniest yet.

In Diner Dash 5, Flo decides to offer a fat-free breakfast at her diner and spends time putting a large sign up to let her clients know about her move towards healthier eating options. However, Mr. Big sneakily throws a wrench in the plan when he paints over the "fat" lettering on the sign. The resulting rush of customers that flood to the diner expecting a free breakfast causes the building to explode into a mass of rubble. With her eatery decimated, Flo has only one week to pick up the pieces and rebuild before legal technicalities will turn her highly covered property over to Mr. Big.

Flo desperately needs to earn money for renovations, so she decides to setup shop in a handful of unusual locations in order to make some cash and keep her customers happy. These odd locales include the rubble around her ruined diner, a circus carnival, a bustling business district, and a college campus. Diner Dash fans will be happy to learn the core frantic gameplay that they’ve have grown to love remains intact, but there are also some exciting surprises in store.

You’ll still run around crazily to help Flo seat incoming groups of color-coded customers at makeshift tables, take their orders, serve their food, and clean up the mess afterwards in timed levels. In-between levels you’ll also have a chance to spend your hard-earned money to gradually rebuild Flo’s diner, and this feature lets you pick some snazzy custom decorations for sprucing up the place.

While the numbers of customers you can seat at one time has been increased to ramp-up the chaos, a number of other new changes will keep you on your toes. Each location brings some fun elemental hazards for players to tackle. Flo will have to deal with high winds that threaten to blow away customers and table arrangements, rainy days that require umbrellas, and angry squirrels that harass customers, among other silly obstacles.

Also new to Diner Dash 5, local Townies who wander by can be snatched up and placed into seating arrangements for added bonuses. Some patrons will crave fresh greens, and you’ll have to direct them to the portable salad bar that has to be kept well-stocked at all times, adding another task to contend with. Fresh cool lemonade can be served to help calm customers’ impatience. You’ll definitely need it when things get crazy, you can expect that it will.

Mixing the old with the new, Diner Dash 5 will up the frantic antics when it launches on Feb. 18. In the meantime, check out some screenshots, and chat about the game in our forum.