Ever since PopCap announced that Plants vs. Zombies was coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch, gamers have patiently waited to tackle the zombie invasion when it came to their mobile device of choice. Until now though, nobody knew when that invasion would hit. Thanks to a new trailer from PopCap Games, we can officially confirm that iPhone fanatics should be able to get their hands on Plants vs. Zombies next Monday, February 15.

While the trailer itself fails to confirm the date, both the title and description of the video on the official Plants vs. Zombies YouTube channel state it clearly. The trailer in question features a good deal of gameplay footage, showing us for the first time what the iPhone edition will look like in-game.

A smart selection for gamers with a green thumb and a penchant for battling the undead, Plants vs. Zombies offers a unique twist on the popular tower defense genre that sees you battling cartoony corpses with cannons of chlorophyll. The fun and refreshing nature of the PC/Mac versions earned it high praise in our Gamezebo review when it launched last spring.

The iPhone is generally considered the platform of choice for tower defense fanatics, so bringing Plants vs. Zombies to the popular handheld seems like a no brainer. We’re eager to see if the game survives the transition from PC to portable, and look forward to finding out on February 15th.