Combine a wild west theme, a bank robbery investigation and a splash of romance and you have Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, an upcoming hidden object game from Awem. Read on for a sneak peek.

The story begins with a bank robbery in the quintessential wild west town of Somerville. As the player is investigation the bank robbery, two love stories unfold as well. You’ll meet characters like Charlotte, a pretty dance-hall girl; the adventurous Cowboy Joe; the brave Sheriff Jack; and Mr. Taylor, a greedy banker.

Scenes will include distinctive wild west locations like stables, the Sheriff’s office, a Native American camp, and the Grand Canyon. According to Awem, special attention was paid to bringing out details like country style furniture, wooden and leather textures, authentic wallpaper patterns d├ęcor items. The items that you’ll be looking for should fit the theme and situation, too.

Golden Trails will feature a rather unique awards system, where players can rack up a higher score the faster they’re able to click on items. Once you’ve earned a certain number of points, you’ll receive a bonus star that gets displayed on the main menu. There’s also a trophy room which displays all of the player’s achievements.