The first Bubble Town was a fun, if slightly flawed puzzle game. The adorable Borbs had to keep the invading Lums at bay. In Bubble Town 2,it looks like those pesky Lums are back, but the Borbs haven't learned any new tricks to ward them off.

The premise is identical to the first game. Shoot little round colored balls (the Borbs) to make matches of three or more like colors. They can be bounced off the top of the playfield into position, and squeeze into almost-impossible gaps. You have a limied number of Borbs in your launch tube. Once used up, the top of the playfield drops, and more Borbs appear to be launched. If the Borbs fill below the line on the bottom of the playfield, the Lums will succeed in their invasion plans.

To help you, there are numerous power-ups, including a visual target to help you line up your shot, or a ball which clears anything it touches, or a ball that changes the color of anything it latches onto. Of course, the Lums are there to get in the way, and cannot be cleared unless they get dropped from a chain. Other obstacles include sleeping Borbs which need to be hit with a like-color to wake up before they can be cleared, or jellyfish which latch onto the Borbs and need to be knocked away multiple times before disappearing.

These elements were great fun in the first game, and continue to be so here. As such there are no fundamental changes to be found in Bubble Town 2. There are some expansions on previous ideas, including some new power-ups like the Lob Cannon, which allows you to toss a Borb anywhere there's a free space on the playfield. There are also some new obstacles, like depth charges that wreak havoc on your Borb's bounce until it is destroyed. There are also treasure chests (replacing boxes from the first game) which require multiple Borb hits to reveal the power-up inside. Finally, there are also some new Lums, such as the striped Lum that causes your Borb to bounce back to the bottom of the screen.

There are also a new playfield configuration. In the original Bubble Town, there were two types of playfield: standard and rotating, where the Borbs had to fit inside a hexagon that got smaller as the round progressed. Now, there is a two-tower level where two columns must be cleared, but they will drop every three shots. The bosses, too, are a treat, few though there are. The first boss you enounter will require you to use the touchscreen of the iPhone to poke it in its single big eye to help defeat it.