When it comes to food, I am an extremely picky person but I don’t think anyone would blame me for turning my nose up at all the strange ingredients in Beastie Burgers, a flash game from RobotLizard, unless perhaps you like a little eyeball on your burger.

Beastie Burgers is a cooking simulator game which puts you in the shoes of a dog boy named Raoul who is trying to making it big in Monsterville as a burger vendor. Using your amazing cooking skills and your new mobile burger truck, you must travel to each location in Monsterville cooking perfectly ordered burgers in order to earn a reputation as the best burger chef in town.

As you arrive at your first location, Raoul will be given a certain amount of monster customers to impress each round and each customer will provide you with a burger order that will generally have a patty, a bun and some toppings. Each item will have a cooking level as well. You can view each individual item and its cooking level by placing your mouse cursor over the order.

You’re given tools to help you make each burger like a spatula to handle cooked food, a grill to cook food and a toaster to toast buns. New ingredients are added to your truck at the end of each level and your current ingredients will never run out, so don’t be afraid to feed badly cooked items to your dog, which waits patience for you to drop stuff on the floor.

Cooking items must be done with patience and practice as each item cooks differently. Grill temperatures can be adjusted to three difference levels to help the process. Once you master the grill, you’ll be able to cook multiple items at once without over cooking them.

Perfectly and quickly cooked items are met with a speed bonus point and a maximum of three kudos points, wihch can be used to open new locations around town. You can tell when a burger is wrong by the number of missed kudos points.

While I found the concept of Beastie Burgers fun, the overall game had too many issues to make it a fantastic game. The inaccurate controls made fast cooking difficult and the view screen hid parts of your kitchen which made it hard to multi-task. Multiple customers at your truck window got confusing because order bubbles would overlap customers and you couldn’t see more than one order bubble at time.

Music in the game was mostly unoriginal with midi versions of “Another One Bite the Dust” by Queen, but at least the music changed from location to location. The opening story cut-scene had a cute intro voice over though and I loved that the monster customer let out cute little growls as you serve them.

The monsters and ingredients are all colourful and creative in the game, with each one being more unique and creepy than the last. The game has a nice monster creator for Facebook where you can create your own monster design and post it on your Facebook profile.

Overall, this is cute game to pass the time with and it’s perfectly suited for free play.