If there’s one thing the iPhone hasn’t been lacking these past few months, it’s social gaming networks. As a result of Apple’s refusal to create a single unified system like Xbox Live or Wii Connect 24 for their popular gaming platform, a wealth of competitors have crawled into the marketplace in an attempt to quickly rise to market leader status. In a recent Twitter conversation, OpenFeint confirmed to Gamezebo that both an independent iPhone app and web access are on the way for the popular social system.

While each of the iPhone social gaming network competitors has their own strengths, they have all shared a common weakness: you can only access their networks through a network-enabled game. If you wanted to use your PC’s browser to change the details of your AGON Online account, or see which of your friends are playing TouchPets Dogs through ngmoco Plus + before downloading the game, for example, the option simply isn’t there. That’s why the team behind OpenFeint is looking to set itself apart from the crowd.

Here’s what an OpenFeint spokesperson told us over Twitter:

@Gamezebo: Any chance you’re planning on letting players check their account from a browser, or possibly an independent OpenFeint app?

@OpenFeint: independent app short term, website longer term…but in both cases we’ll definitely have it!

In a follow-up conversation, OpenFeint VP of Marketing Eros Resmini has confirmed that a press release regarding the iPhone app is being finalized and should be released shortly. More details to follow.