Independent developer Mikko Miettinen has spent the last two years of his life devoted to a casual puzzle game that brings something unique to the falling block genre.  With the release looming only weeks away, Gamezebo was given a hands-on sneak preview of the upcoming puzzler Lucid.

Like many games of its kind, Lucid is about making blocks disappear. Rather than matching colors or swapping gems though, Lucid has you removing blocks by drawing an unbroken line across blocks of the same color that are touching each other. There can be as few as two blocks or more than a dozen. So long as they’re the same color and touching, you can remove them by drawing an unbroken line.

"Unbroken" is really the keyword here. The line you draw cannot cross over itself, and it must touch every same-colored square it’s connected to. The challenge here is in figuring out how to draw the line in a way that will allow you to reach every connected block. It’s a simple idea, but has the potential to provide a good deal of challenge depending on the situation.

To complete each of the 77 levels you’ll need to remove blocks that match the color in the task window. The more tasks you complete, the more your Earth Dome will fill up. Once the dome is full you’ll advance to the next stage. The developers have assured us that the level of difficulty will increase gradually with different strategies required in some of the later levels.

Lucid is expected to launch in the January/February 2010 window. In the meantime, check out some screenshots and a video trailer for Lucid, or chat about the game in our forum. A free demo is available now.