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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Wildhollow.

Wildhollow is an adventure game that’s part quest solving RPG, part animal breeding SIM, with a dollop of mini games and even a dash of HOG thrown in for good measure.

You, the story’s hero, return to your hometown of Spring Valley after a long trip abroad, only to find that your parents have disappeared and their ranch, Wildhollow, has been burnt down! No one knows exactly what happened, but you vow to find out, rebuild the ranch and bring your parents home safe. To get to your goal you will need to balance between quest solving and looking after the ranch.


Basic Gameplay

Your main objective is to find out what happened to your parents. For this, you need to talk to everyone you meet. When you talk to someone you will get a dialogue menu with possible questions you can ask or answers you can give. There are no right or wrong options – whatever you select will eventually get you in the right place. Try all options in the dialogue menu, and if the conversation ends before you manage to do so, simply open the conversation again. Not only will this get you interesting new information or new quests, sometimes it’s just really good fun! Often it pays to ask the same question a few times.

To get information out of people you will have to do many side quests for them. New locations will be unlocked on the world map as you go along. Pay close attention to what you’re told, as the clues to solve the quests can be very subtle! When in doubt, talk to everyone again!

Each time you get to a new location, scan the entire map with your cursor; it will sparkle when you find a location or object of interest. Sometimes there may even be hidden stashes of money! Also, there are 13 animal statues hidden throughout the game – one for each possible animal breed.


In the top left corner of each window you will find the keys to your menus.

  • The main menu will allow you to save and exit or change your settings.
  • The inventory menu shows all your current items, both for quests and for the ranch, and your how much money you have.
  • In the quests menu you can see where you are up to in your unsolved quests, as well as a list of the quests you already finished.
  • The status menu shows you how long you’ve played, how many quests you’ve completed, how many breeds you’ve discovered and how many statues you’ve found. It also has a list of all the trophies you’ve won.
  • The animal status key will appear as soon as you have your first animal. Clicking it gets you directly back to Wildhollow ranch, from wherever you are. The color of the icon will change depending on the status of your animals at the ranch. When all animals are in good health, the icon will be green, new or neutral animals will be indicated in gray and the icon will be red when an animal is in urgent need of care. When this happens, an alert sound will also be played.

Making Money

For a lot of the quests you will need money to buy items or pay fees. You can make money by

  • completing quests for people and getting rewards
  • selling animal food
  • scanning new maps with your cursor
  • breeding and selling animals

When you start out, most of your income will come from rewards for helping people out and finding the occasional hidden stash. However, very quickly this will no longer be enough. Although animal food can be found for free in abundance, it is quite a tedious job to collect a lot and selling it won’t earn you a lot of money. So I’d only resort to that when you’re really in a pickle! The best way to make money by far is to buy, breed and sell animals.

Ranch Animals

As soon as you’ve repaired the first stage of your ranch, you will be able to keep animals. The ranch needs to be repaired in three stages. The first will cost you $200 and allows you to keep 3 animals, the second costs $500 and allows you to keep 6 animals, and the third costs $1000 and allows you to keep 9 animals. There are two yellow squares in the top right corner of the screen where you can keep an additional two animals. These animals do not need feeding or grooming, but they can’t be used for breeding until they’re back on the ranch.


You can buy the three basic animal breeds (bunny, catfish and bovine) from Zachary at Zachary’s Ranch and one more secret breed at a location that will be revealed later in the game. Zachary will only give you two options at a time. If you don’t like the options, say goodbye to him and then instantly talk to him again. He will have two new options for you then.

General Care

To look after your animals, you need to keep them fed, happy and healthy. In the main ranch window you can see how happy and well fed your animal is, and whether its health is increasing. It also shows how much food you have available and the other animal care items you own. To feed an animal, simply drag and drop food onto it.

When you double click the animal you get its status window. The status window will tell you the animal’s breed, sex and age; show you its food, mood and health bars; lists which types of food it does and doesn’t like; and tells you its current resale value.

An animal’s status bars will be fairly low when it first arrives at the ranch. Feeding it foods it likes will instantly increase its mood and health. Feeding it foods it doesn’t like will make it very unhappy! Apples are the only food that all your animals will eat, but they only affect the animal’s mood if they’re listed among the animal’s favorites. Late in the game you will be able to buy food potions that increase the food and mood status of all breeds.

Feeding will only get you so far in improving an animal’s mood. To maximally improve its mood you have to groom the animal by dragging and dropping a brush onto it. The cheap brush will only increase mood by 2 points max. The expensive unicorn hair brush can increase mood by 5 points at a time. You need to pause a few seconds between each stroke to get the maximum effect.

An animal’s health will increase automatically as long as either its food or its mood status is still higher than 50%.

It is no disaster if you get distracted and an animal’s stats drop to 0. The only things that happen, really, are that their resale value will be low and you need to spend some time on increasing their stats again. They never die, neither of ill health nor of old age.

Breeding and Selling

Zachary will teach you how to breed animals after you’ve shown him one animal at maximum nutrition, mood and health. Breeding is very simple:

  • Pick two animals of opposite gender (but they can be any breed).
  • Feed and groom them until they’re in a good mood (a heart icon will show up beside them).
  • Drag one animal on top of the other.
  • Wait 3 minutes for the baby animal to be delivered.
  • You can only breed a new animal if you have a free spot on your farm.

You can create new breeds by cross breeding the different types of animal you have. Cross breeding seems fairly random – you don’t always get the same results with the same combination of parents. There are 13 breeds in total. You just need to keep trying different options until you’ve found them all.

To sell an animal, double click it to get the status window and select the "sell" option. The more complex combination breeds have much higher resale values. Also, the better an animal’s health, the higher its resale value.


Animal food can be gathered throughout the game in various mini games. You can

  • pick apples at the camp site
  • fish for small and large fish at the Pork ‘n Beans Lake
  • pick berries in the shrubs just north of the lake
  • pick acorns and mushrooms in the Creepy Woods

You can return to the mini games whenever you like and play them for as long as you like to get the foods you need to keep your animals happy. Later on in the game you will be able to buy meat in the general store in Stenheim Keep, or potions in the general store in Tawyn City.


1. What Happened to Your Parents?
2. Repair Wildhollow Ranch
3. An Apple a Day
4. Locate Malcolm the Shopkeeper’s Receipt
5. Find Barber Jack’s Glasses
6. Return the Missing Backpack
7. Fishy Business
8. Within a Deep Forest
9. Berries for Betty
10. Litter Everywhere
11. Hat Trick
12. Good Breeding
13. The Smitten Dwarf Lord
14. The Wildman in the Clearing
15. The Dragon Affair
16. Ceres’s Axe
17. An Adventurer is You
18. Squid Pro Quo
19. Potent Potables
20. Vengeance


Spring Valley

You return to Spring Valley after a long trip abroad and are looking forward to seeing your parents again and sleep in your own bed. Unfortunately, Austin, the cheerful town greeter has some very bad news for you: your parents have disappeared and their ranch, Wildhollow, has been destroyed. You vow to rebuild the ranch and find out what happened to your parents. (Quests: What Happened to Your Parents? Repair Wildhollow Ranch)

In order to repair the ranch, you need to earn $200. You can earn money by doing quests for people. Also scan your surroundings carefully with your cursor, you may find some hidden money! In Spring Valley there is some money hidden in one of the barrels on the left. You can also find the first of 13 animal statues (#1) in the top window of the barber shop (the house on the right). First, you need to talk to everyone in Spring Valley to get information and some new quests.

Talk to Austin again. He can’t tell you anything more about your parents, but he would like you to find him an apple (Quest: An Apple a Day).

Click on the door the general store on the left and talk to the shopkeeper. His name is Malcolm de Mercatorio, he took over the general store from the previous owner. He can’t open the store yet because he can’t find the receipt for the goods delivery guy. Keep asking him about the receipt and he will ask you to find it for him (Quest: Locate Malcolm the Shopkeeper’s Receipt).

Talk to the barber in the barber shop on the right and he will tell you he’s lost his glasses. He asks you to find them for him (Quest: Find Barber Jack’s Glasses). He thinks he may have dropped them at Zachary’s place. This unlocks a new location on the world map: Zachary’s Place. He also doesn’t know anything about your parents.

Talk to the adventurers in the village. They are in town because they’re on a quest to slay a dragon. But they’ve lost their backpack and ask you to find it (Quest: Return the Missing Backpack). They last saw it at their campsite up the road (location unlocked: camp site). They also tell you they found the shopkeeper’s receipt, but they will only give it back to you when you find out about this dragon.

Finally, talk to Bill in the inn in the background. The only thing he knows about your parents is that a man with a wide brimmed hat was seen in town on the night they disappeared. He will ask you to catch some fish for him for his fish stew (Quest: Fishy Business). He’ll give you his fishing rod and tell you to go to the Pork ‘n Beans Lake nearby. He knows nothing about a dragon.

Click on the bridge in the bottom right corner to go to the world map.

First go to Zachary’s ranch. In the grass by the animal pen you’ll find Barber Jack’s glasses. Give this back to him next time you’re in Spring Valley to complete the quest and get your reward. There are also two statues hidden on the farm: one in the window above the farm door (#10) and one in the far right window (#2).

Talk to Zachary. He’ll tell you to go talk to his handyman, Villager, about your parents’ disappearance. He’ll also ask you to get some acorns and a mushroom (Quest: Within a Deep Forest), which you can both find in the Creepy Woods in the west. He hasn’t heard anything about a dragon.

Now go and talk to Villager. He saw the man with the hat go into the mountains in the north west. Keep talking to him and he will give you a quest to find some berries for him, north of the big lake (Quest: Berries for Betty). He also hasn’t heard anything about a dragon. As no one knows anything about a dragon, you decide to just lie to the adventurers and tell them you’ve seen a dragon in a cave up north.

Go to the world map and click on the campsite. There is a statue somewhere on the road (#5), and there’s some money at the base of the apple tree. The adventurers’ backpack the adventurers’ backpack is sitting by the fireplace. Pick it up and return it to them next time you’re in Spring Valley.

Click on the apple tree to get your first mini game! You need to hold down your left mouse button to charge at the tree. When you release it, some apples will fly off and you need to catch them by clicking on them. The longer you charge, the faster the apples will fly off. If you charge the bar only about halfway, there will be 3 or 4 apples flying off at a speed that they’re easy to catch. Catch as many apples as you like, they can also be used for animal food and you can sell them to Zachary for some more cash.

Go back to the world map and click on the lake to get your second mini game. This game is quite tricky. You need to catch fish by stopping your fishing lure in exactly the right place. There is a dial moving up and down quite fast, and you need to click your mouse to stop it. If you stop it in the white area (within 25 point proximity), you will catch a small fish. If you stop it right between the arrows (within 10 point proximity), you will catch a big fish. The speed of the dial varies – it’s easiest to catch something useful when you wait for it to go a bit slower. Catch as many fish as you want – you can sell them to the innkeeper.

Now go to the cluster of trees north of the lake for a berry picking mini game. You get 15 seconds to move as many leaves as possible to find hidden berries underneath. If you look closely, you can sometimes see which leaves have berries under them. Berries also serve as animal food and you can sell them to Zachary for cash. Return to Zachary’s place to give Villager his berries (quest complete).

Go back to Spring Valley. Tell the adventurers about the dragon and get the receipt. Also give them their backpack for a reward (quest complete). Give Bill the innkeeper his fish and he will give you more money (quest complete). Bill will tell you that in the northwest you will find the dwarven village of Steinheim (location unlocked: Stenheim Keep). Give the barber back his glasses (quest complete). Give the shopkeeper his receipt (quest complete). Give Austin his apple (quest complete).


Wildhollow Ranch

You now have enough money to repair the first stage of Wildhollow ranch (quest complete). Zachary will drop by to give you your first animal. You can feed it apples to make it happier. However, to really increase their happiness you need to groom them with a grooming brush. There is another statue on the roof of the farmhouse (#9) and some money behind the door.

Go back to Spring Valley and Austin will jump on you, telling you disaster has struck. Some hooligans have left litter all over the place and you need to go clean it up for him (Quest: Litter Everywhere). There are 10 items you have to find, and Austin will reward you with some more cash (quest complete).

Go to Zachary’s place and talk to Villager. He’s lost his lucky hat. You offer to go find it for him (Quest: Hat Trick). He last saw it when he went for a swim. You can find his hat at the campsite, on the grass just south of the lake. Give it back to him for a reward (quest complete).

Talk to Zachary. He will teach you how to breed animals once you’ve shown him you can keep an animal in perfect health (Quest: Good Breeding). You won’t be able to do this until you’ve bought the grooming brush.

The general store is now open. The grooming brush is $350. You have nowhere near enough right now. The best way to make some cash right now is to buy some animals, feed them and then leave them alone until their health is at its maximum. Then sell them again for a profit and buy some new ones. While you’re waiting for their health to improve you can play any of the mini games again to get more food.

Keep doing this until you have enough gold for the grooming brush with some left to buy at least one animal for your farm. Then buy the brush and groom your last animal to perfect happiness. Also make sure it’s well fed and healthy. If all your animal’s stats are full, it will show its happiness with a little heart. Then go see Zachary again. Select the "take a look at this animal" option. If he is happy with how your animal looks, he will teach you about breeding (quest complete).

Keep buying, breeding and selling animals until you have enough money to buy the compass. You can now go to the Creepy Woods. Here you find another mini game in which you can find mushrooms and acorns with a magnifying glass. Bring some back to Zachary (quest complete).


Stenheim Keep

Now make your way to Stenheim Keep in the north. In the middle of town you see a man with a wide rimmed hat. Could this be…? Keep talking to him and he’ll tell you he is Randerbast the Brown Mage. He was at the ranch the other day, but he was just looking for mushrooms.

There is another statue on the top right corner of the ledge above the enormous entrance (#3). Explore the town. A dwarf in one of the houses will tell you to go talk to Lord Harumpfsson to find out if he knows anything about your parents. Keep talking to him (or her!) and he will tell you about a human wearing antlers by the Tranquil Pond in the southeast (location unlocked: Tranquil Pond).

Go to the Tranquil Pond at any time. There are two statues there: one below the lake edge (#13) and one between the trees on the left (#8). Talk to the Wildman. He’s talking gibberish and then he runs off (Quest: The Wildman in the Clearing).

Pick up the antlers lying in the grass by the trees on the right and take them to the dwarf in the right house of Stenheim. He will identify them as elk horns. Go talk to Randerbast and he will teach you to speak elk. Go back to the elk man by the pond. You can now talk to him. He will teach you some elk secrets in exchange for lavatory paper. You won’t be able to find this for a while yet, so forget about it for now.

Go talk to Lord Harumphsson behind the big doors in Stenheim Keep. Keep asking until he tells you he is in love with Arwaniel, queen of the elves, and he wants you to help him with that before he can tell you anything about your parents (Quest: The Smitten Dwarf Lord). He says that she told him she can never love anyone with a beard. So you suggest cutting it. Leave him and go talk to him again, he will have shaved by now. It hasn’t turned out so well. You have to fix this!

Go to the store and ask if they have any false beards. You have to go talk to the artist Dandy Warthog, who lives in the middle of town. He wants a real delicacy in exchange for his fake beard sculpture. Save up to buy the red lure in the store in Stenheim and go back to fish in the Pork ‘n Beans Lake. You’ll catch a red herring. Take it back to Dandy Warthog and receive a wire frame for a false beard. Take that to the barber in Spring Valley, and he’ll make it into a proper false beard. Take it back to Lord Harumphsson (quest complete).


Lord Harumphsson has seen your two adventurer friends in town. They were looking for a dragon. But, he says, the dragon lives in the east (location unlocked: Dragon Cave)! Go to the dragon’s cave. The two adventurers are there, but they’re running for their lives! You’re going to have to sort out this dragon business yourself (Quest: The Dragon Affair)!

Go back to the cave. There is another animal statue in the lower left quadrant (#7). The only other thing in the cave is an enormous pile of gold… Talk to the dragon and he’ll tell you that he was running from the adventurers rather than the other way around!

Go back to Stenheim and talk to the adventurers. They’re upset with you for lying to them earlier. Only if you help them get rid of the dragon will they give you any new information about your parents. Go back to the dragon and together you will come up with a plan where both the dragon and the adventurers will be happy. The dragon wants to see some proof that the adventurers will cooperate first, though!

Talk to the adventurers again and they will give you their best barbed dragon slaying arrow as a token… well, after you’ve found it for them, of course! Pay close attention to what they are saying when you talk to them – where have they been recently? One hint is that they’ve been drinking beer at the inn. Spring Valley has an inn! You’ll find the arrow at the base of the tree by Argus. Take it to the dragon, then go back to the adventurers (quest complete).

Tawyn City

Immediately talk to the adventurers again and they will tell you that they saw a cloaked figure come out of the burning ranch on the night your parents went missing. He had some animals with him, which he led in the direction of Tawyn City on the east coast (location unlocked: Tawyn City).

Go to Tawyn City and Lord Blunderbuss will talk to you. He’s behaving very suspiciously. Does he know anything about your parents? There are two statues in the city: one on the edge of the fountain (#12) and one on the roof of the house on the right (#4). The fountain is interesting: you can throw 1, 10 or 100 coins into it, and occasionally you will get it back double! As far as I can tell, it only ever works twice in a row. So every one in a while I tried my luck with 1 coin, and then if it came back doubled I tried again with 100 (though it doesn’t always work).

Go to the big mansion in the back of the city. The dwarf won’t let you in. But he does have a new quest for you: he wants you to find Ceres’s axe, which he has lost (Quest: Ceres’s Axe).

Go to the Adventurers Guild. In order to join the guild you need to find a certificate of a heroic deed (Quest: An Adventurer is You). Go back to the adventurers in the dragon’s cave and they will give you a certificate for helping them with the dragon quest (well, you may have to blackmail them a bit). Bring the certificate to Brobert in the guild and pay him $1000 to join (quest complete). In the guild they have a bathroom, with lavatory paper! However, when you try to take a spare roll Brobert stops you and tells you it’s for the guests only.


Go to the fish shop and talk to the fishwife. She actually can’t stand fish! But people have ordered squid and she asks you if you can find any for her (Quest: Squid Pro Quo). The shopkeeper in the general store says he has squid, but he won’t give you any. He tells you to go fish for your own squid in the ocean. For this you need to buy the lure in the general store in Tawyn City. It’s very expensive, so keep breeding those animals! Once you have the lure, start fishing in the ocean on the world map northeast of Tawyn City. When you have the squid, bring it back to Lotte the fishwife (quest complete).

While you’re breeding your animals to buy the lure, continue with the quest to find Ceres’s axe. The dwarf guarding the door in Stenheim tells you that the dwarf in Tawyn City lost it in a lake somewhere. Go back to the Tranquil Pond and click on the lake in the distance. You will fish out the axe there. Take it back to the dwarf guard at the mansion in Tawyn City (quest complete).

After you’ve given the squid to Lotte, she will tell you she has to bring it to Lord Blunderbus. This may be your way into the mansion! Offer to bring the squid to him. Go back to Tawyn Mansion and talk to the dwarf again. He will now let you in. Lord Blunderbuss grudgingly allows you to look around the mansion, as he claims he has nothing to hide. There is an animal statue on the chandelier (#6) and one on the right hand edge of the carpet (#11 – it’s kinda hard to see).

There are some sheep behind the door on the left. There’s nothing behind the double doors on the right. Get Randerbast to teach you to speak sheep and go back to the mansion to talk to the sheep. They’re your parents! Blunderbuss gave them a potion that turned them into sheep. You vow to turn them back into humans. Blunderbuss himself is very unhelpful so you have to do this on your own!

Now go to the white tower in Tawyn City and talk to Warton, Sanumar the Wizard’s assistant. Sanumar was the one who supplied Blunderbuss with the transmogrifation potion that turned your parents into sheep. You have to get an antidote. Warton will make you one if you bring him some mystical mandrake root and sulphorous ash (Quest: Potent Potables).

Go back to Randerbast. He’s a wizard, he may know where to get potion ingredients. He tells you you can find the mandrake root at a place of ancient power, and the sulphorous ash in a place of brimstone and fire. Go to the standing stones on the world map, and you’ll find your mandrake root. Ask the dragon for sulphorous ash. Bring them back to Warton, pay him $1000 and he’ll give you the potion (quest complete). Give the potion to the sheep in the mansion. It turns your parents back into humans (quest complete)!

All your parents want to do is to go home and forget about everything, but you vow to avenge them (Quest: Vengeance). Talk to Blunderbuss again. He knows your name… How does he know your name? He says you can’t touch him as he is protected by lawyers.


Fortunately, the Adventurers Guild provides excellent legal aid! Go talk to Brobert in the guild and ask him for legal help. He’ll contact his lawyers and they send him a Cease and Desist letter. Bring it to Blunderbuss. He’s not fazed and he chases you out of his mansion with his pet, Adamant.

When you check the guild again now, you will find a loose floorboard through which you smuggle out a roll of lavatory paper. Brobert catches you, but it turns out you should just have asked! He gives you a roll. Don’t forget to pick it up outside the Guild!

You need to find a way to get past the beast. Your parents have no idea how to do this. Talk to Villager, as he’s a keen listener. He thinks you should just breed an even fiercer beast! Go talk to your parents to ask about breeding. They say they heard rumors about wild beasts in the forest. Bunnies are quite fierce too. Maybe you should cross breed those?

Go back to the elk man at the Tranquil Pond and give him the toilet paper. In return he tells you about the beasts in the forest. You can buy them from him for your farm.


Buy a male and a female and cross breed them with either bunnies or big buns until you create a bunny beast. Go back to Blunderbuss and challenge his beast to a duel! The bunny beast should be able to beat him no problem (quest complete). Hurray! You’ve avenged your parents!

Now, what to do with Blunderbuss? You consider having your bunny beast rough him up a bit. Your parents suddenly appear on the scene and beg you not to hurt Blunderbuss. They all went to school together, and became fast friends for a while. However, everything went wrong when your parents accidentally ran over Blunderbuss’s pet Fluffy… fourteen times. Blunderbuss never got over it and decided to avenge Fluffy by turning your parents into sheep. You get the option of having everyone be friends or throwing Blunderbuss into jail. Then you return to the ranch, which your parents pass on to you so they can retire.


After the credits have rolled you can go back to the ranch to breed more animals and get those final trophies, if you like.


1. Aspiring Adventurer – You solved your first quest
2. A Penny Saved – You earned your first money
3. Start the Statue Hunt – You found a hidden statue
4. Apprentice Rancher – You got your first animal
5. Happy Helper – You have solved five quests
6. Kind Caretaker – An animal has reached the age of 10
7. Snooping Around – You have found three hidden statues
8. Well Bred – You have discovered three breeds
9. Beginning of a fortune – You have earned $1000
10. Crowded Place – You have three animals on your ranch
11. The More the Merrier – You have six animals on your ranch
12. Wealthy Rancher – You have earned $5000
13. Search and Ye Shall Find – You have found nine hidden statues
14. Good Samaritan – You have solved ten quests
15. Favored Pet – An animal has reached the age of 20
16. Super Saver – You have earned $10,000
17. Accomplished Breeder – You have discovered nine breeds
18. No More Room – You have nine animals on your ranch
19. True Seeker – You have found all hidden statues
20. Master Quester – You have solved all quests
21. Elderly Beast – An animal has reached the age of 50
22. ???
23. Species Specialist – You have discovered all breeds
24. Game Over – You completed the game

Animal Statues:

1. Spring Valley – Barber Shop Window
2. Zachary’s Ranch – Far Right Window
3. Stenheim Keep – Ledge Above Enormous Entrance
4. Tawyn City – Roof of House on Right
5. Camp Site – On the Road
6. Blunderbuss Mansion – Chandelier
7. Dragon Cave – Bottom Left Quadrant
8. Tranquil Pond – Among Trees on Left
9. Wildhollow Ranch – Roof of Farmhouse
10. Zachary’s Place – Window above Door
11. Blunderbuss Mansion – Edge of Carpet
12. Tawyn City – Edge of Fountain
13. Tranquil Pond – Below Lake Edge”;