Cateia Games (makers of The Legend of Crystal Valley and Iron Roses) are developing a new strategy/simulation game for PC and Mac called Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure. As your village’s shaman, it will be your job to make your villagers happy and productive while exploring various tropical islands.

Although a tropical island might seem like the perfect place to live, things aren’t that simple. Hazards like pirates, sharks, and storms are threatening the villagers and their families, and the members of your tribe have scattered to the surrounding islands. You’ll have to help your people reunite and build a safe new place to live.

With gameplay that appears to be a cross between Virtual Villagers and Build-a-lot, you’ll gather herbs and potions, tend to injured and sick villagers, construct buildings using natural resources like wood, stone, shells and jewels, and complete tasks like "Get rid of the ghosts" or "Collect 30 Food."

Check out some screenshots for Shaman Odyssey, and chat about the game in our forum.