When it comes to classic puzzle games, GameHouse’s Collapse! series is right up there with the best of them — which is why we were excited to learn that the franchise is returning with a brand new block-busting, color-matching title called simply COLLAPSE!

The premise of Collapse! is of course to click on clusters of three or more of the same colored block to clear them from the screen. When this happens, the surrounding blocks "collapse" in on the hole to create new color matching combinations. In COLLAPSE! you’ll travel a new world with more than 180 levels and guide your own customizable character on a heroic mission to free the land from invaders, going up against enemies like Blockzilla and Blocktopus.

COLLAPSE! will feature different puzzle modes such as Classic, Puzzle, Strategy, and a brand new Double Gameboard mode, where you play two game boards simultaneously. You’ll use power-ups, earn money to buy powerful upgrades, and unlock new costumes for your character. The game will also feature four mini-games, including Pachinko and Slots.

According to GameHouse, players will also be able to unlock secret codes in the game that can be used in the mobile and Facebook versions of Collapse!

COLLAPSE! is launching soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out some screenshots of the game, or chat about it in our forum.