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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Cat Wash.

Cat Wash is a disco-themed time management game all about washing cats, as you probably guessed by the title. You do this groovy task with the help of some far out machines and employees straight out of the 70s. It has lots of original twists and new mechanics thrown in, so below are some tips to help guide you as you play.

General Tips – How to Play

To quote Uncle Oswaldo, "Are you ready to run this gig solo, or would you like the skinny from yours truly?" You can skip the in-game tutorial if you choose.

From the option menu, you can choose to play in casual or difficult mode. You can change this at any time during the game. Casual mode is slower paced, but earns you less cash, while difficult is more challenging and earns you more cash.

The "click to pick up cats" option allows you to click to get cats on the conveyor instead of dragging them. This doesn’t have a huge affect on game play, so it depends on your preference. In my experience, it is easier to click them than to drag them, so I would select this option.

At the start of each game day, you need to bring employees to various service stations so they can wash the kitty customers. You don’t need to drag them – just click the employee, and then click the station where you want them to go.

Kitties enter the Cat Wash and sit nicely on cushions as they wait.

Each cat will request a certain station, which is shown in a bubble over its heads. A blue bubble with a sponge is the wash station, which means the cat wants a bath.

Drag or click a waiting cat to the conveyor belt. When it rolls passed a disco dancing employee who is waiting at the right station, the employee will pick up the kitty customer and make sure the cat is properly serviced. 

It’s a little tricky to get the cat on the conveyor belt, but it helps to aim for the corner on the top right. If you try to place the cat on the side of the belt, it will often end up on the disco floor instead.

Cats can get impatient if they wait too long. Patience is measured in hearts over the cat’s head. If the hearts fall to zero, the cat will jump off the conveyor and run away.

Once a cat is nice and clean, drag it back to the appropriate pick-up cushion and its happy owner will pick it up.

You need to meet your daily earnings goal before the clock runs out. The scoreboard on the wall tells you how much more you need to do, and how much time you have left.

You can increase and decrease the speed of the conveyor belt. Going faster means a quicker turnover, but if you move too quickly some cats might fly off the conveyor!

Too many impatient kitties? Not a problem! Put them on the disco floor in the center of the screen  and they’ll recover hearts.

You can move cats to an earlier space on the conveyor, preventing them from losing hearts by going full circle.

It helps to plan your strategy for each level based on which automatic stations you have. Send employees to stations where there are no automatic stations to make the best use of each station.

Look out for skunks and dogs. They look like cats at a quick glance, but they can cause quite a stink. Skunks smell icky, and employees will refuse to work around them. Dogs chase cats off the conveyor belt. Drag these nuisances to the pick up station to get rid of them.

If you lose a level, you’ll have to replay it.

You can replay earlier levels, but to do this you need to exit the game and return to the menu screen. Then start up again and you’ll be taken to the map screen where you can select the level you’d like to play.



There are multiple stations that get unlocked as you play. These can appear anywhere on the conveyor, and can be staffed by any employee. All stations are color coded, plus the name appears on the front.

A manual station is useless without an employee, so make sure to send one over when you start!

Wash (blue icon): Wash the kitties.

Dry (orange icon): Blow dry wet cats.

Flea (green icon): Get rid of itchy pests.

Clip (purple icon): Trim hair and nails.

Brush (yellow icon): Brush away loose fur.

Finishing/Final (pink icon): The finishing touches for a pretty kitty.

Tasks are handled automatically if there is someone at the station, or if it’s an automatic station and a needy cat moves past it on the conveyor.

All stations except for Final and Flea have automatic versions which you can purchase from the shop screen.



You get 4 employees in total, including Susie, Chris, Other Chris, and Uncle Oswaldo. Oswaldo is the bald guy, while both Chris’ sport 70s afros.

Employees each have their own quirks. Chris can work longer than most other employees, but he’s also slower. Uncle Oswald is low on energy, and gets fatigued easily. Give him more rest.

Note that Uncle Oswald is referred to as Uncle Scotty in one pop-up and in the shopping area. This is an error, and does not affect game play.

Employees lose ¼ heart each time they perform a service at a station. If an employee runs out of energy, he’ll go out for coffee, leaving you to wait for him to return to work.

You can give employees a break by dragging them to the rest bench. This will gradually fill up their hearts.

After you’ve purchased the upgrade, you can click the disco ball to refill all of the employees’ hearts in one shot.



Cats come in different sizes and breeds.

Cats all lose a heart each time they complete a loop on the conveyor belt, or when they visit a station they dislike.

Here’s a breakdown of the cats by type…

Cat Type


Personality Quirks

Orange Tabby

Very Tolerant

Likes everything

Black Shorthair

Mostly Tolerant

Dislikes water



Dislikes most services

Black & White Shorthair

Barely Tolerant

Dislikes water



Dislikes everything, Skittish


Barely Tolerant

Dislikes things at random


Kind of Tolerant

Dislikes half the stations


Very Tolerant

Skittish, Shows up rarely

In addition, cats may prefer female or male employees. Try to match pink speech bubbles with Susie, and blue bubbles with any of the male employees for best results.

You can click the jukebox to refill every cat’s patience to maximum.

After Level 20, you get a burrito stand for your impatient cats. This is even better than catnip.  It’s not a food…it’s a swaddle wrap for cats that won’t stay still. If you get a cat with dark red hearts who won’t stay put, send him to the burrito station to be wrapped up tight. Then serve him like normal, and he won’t run away.


In between levels, you can buy upgrades to fund Uncle Oswaldo’s "research."

While you can technically purchase any upgrade you want once it’s available, you are only allowed access to upgrades on a schedule. This means that upgrades are largely linear and predictable.

While you may lose access to some upgrades during certain levels, you usually get them back in future levels.



Coffee Maker

Coffee gives one heart to one employee.

Extra Coffee

Allows you to use more coffee.

Very Slow Conveyor Gear

Allows you to set the conveyor to very slow.

Very Fast Conveyor Gear

Allows you to set the conveyor to very fast.

Ludicrous Speed

Allows you to set the conveyor to ludicrous.

Cat Toy

Makes cats on the dance floor happier.

Another Cat Toy

Makes cats on the dance floor even happier.


Drag leaves off the catnip to cats to make them happier.

More Catnip

Extra catnip for your cats.


Fills up all cats patience hearts.

Disco Ball

Fills up all employees patience hearts.


You can buy cooler clothes for all your employees.

New Brushes

Double sided brushes let you brush faster.

Automatic Brush Station

Automatically brushes cats for you.

Super Brush Upgrade

Super fast cat brushing!


Better clippers let you clip faster.

Automatic Clip Station

Automatically clips cats for you.

Super Power Clip Station

Super fast cat clipping action.

Automatic Washing Station

Automatically washes cats for you.

Washing Speedup

Super bubble quick rinse soap for the fastest rinse.

Automatic Dry

Automatically dries cats for you.

Turbo Hair Dryer

Dries hair faster.

New Finishing Materials

A better final touch.

New Flea Shampoo

Get rid of fleas faster.



Every 4 levels, you’ll encounter a mini-game, which replaces a full level. These are short, some lasting just a few seconds, and most are easy to beat. You can skip any  mini-games by choosing the skip button.

On Day 4, you get to play your first mini-game, Cat Slots. It’s a disco cat themed slot machine! To play, click start to set the dials rolling. Then, click stop to stop each column one at a time. The goal is to make matches that earn cash, so try to click stop when the most valuable pictures appear. The first column moves the fastest, making it the toughest. You have to keep trying until you reach $50 payout. Once you go over $50, the payout stops. If you want to earn the most cash, try to earn $49 by making smaller matches, and then get the $25 disco ball match to finish.

On Day 8, you play the Hungry Playful Kittens mini-game. Click the button by the gray cat to grab some yarn. Grab the most yarn to win. This is like the children’s game Hungry Hungry Hippos. It’s more a game of luck than anything else. You need to play until you win. Click the button in the lower left corner that says grab yarn to make your cat grab the yarn that bounces around the screen. Each round takes just a few seconds.

The Day 12 mini-game is called Pilgrims of Cat-Land, and it’s like a board game. Select the lines you want to claim. If you claim the most lines around a hexagon, you have claimed it. The goal is to claim more than the AI opponent. This is easy if you capture the center first.

On Day16, you play the Cat Counter mini-game. Count the orange cats. You have just a second, and the cats are moving. Then you’ll be asked how many there are. There’s not much to it.

On Day 20, you play the Whack a Mouse mini-game. This is like whack-a-mole, where you click on mice as you see them. It’s very slow, so there’s no challenge to catch them all.

Day 24 has the Cat Memory mini-game, which is like playing Simon. Click on different squares in the same sequence you’ve just been shown. Note that this game has the wrong title at the top, and shows day 28’s mini-game title instead.

Day 28 has you playing the Cat Cat Discolution mini-game, a 1970s kitty version of Dance Dance Revolution. Simply click the tile the is in the direction the cat is point. If he’s bending down, pick the tile below him, if he’s reaching up to the right, pick the top right tile. Note that this game has the wrong title at the top, and shows day 24’s mini-game title instead.

On day 32, Maria tries to sabotage the Cat Wash by saying the machine is unsafe, which sends your cats into hiding.  This brings you to the Cat ‘N Sneak mini-game. Find all the cats you can, as fast as you can. Some are peaking out from behind the counter sporadically, others are showing a leg or tail underneath the furniture, and others are in plain site.

The remaining mini-games are repeats of Pilgrims, Cat Slots, Cat Cat Discolution, and Cat N’ Sneak (which occurs on level 47 instead of 48).


Special & Challenging Levels

On Day 9, Susie is out sick, so Chris must man the stations on his own. Here, it helps to chain tasks of the same type, making him more efficient.

On Day 14, the autowash doesn’t work, but this only matters if you bought that upgrade.

On Day 15, Susie is out shopping, and Chris is on his own. However, Chris has an extra Chris to help him. Cats that want a female assistant will be disappointed, but this isn’t hard to manage if you give them catnip and extra disco time.

You are not without rivals. At Day 16, you meet Maria and her goons, who run a rival grooming shop. 

Day17 gets more challenging, with many cats coming in at once. However, you have 3 employees. If you buy the autowash upgrade, you can send your employees to the flea, clip, and dry stations and have all your bases covered. Then, put all cats on the disco floor except for a few you are servicing at the moment,  so that they don’t lose patience. You can have lots of cats on the floor, and they stay happy there until you can gradually serve them all. This will help you beat the level.

Remember, you can move cats to an earlier space on the conveyor, preventing them from losing hearts by going full circle. After a cat is autowashed, drag it back towards the top right corner so that it passes the drying station more quickly.

On Day 21, you lose most of your upgrades temporarily, but get the new burrito station.

On Day 33, the two Chris’ are out sick, and Uncle Oswaldo is busy, so Sue is all alone in the shop! This is a little hectic, but remember your automatic stations can handle many of the tasks like washing and drying and trimming. Sue really only need to manage the flea, brush, and finishing stations. You can have Sue take turns at the three stations that require her attention. Don’t forget to give her breaks and use coffee and the disco ball to keep her energy up. Cats will wait patiently if kept on the disco floor, so there’s no need to rush.

Day 37 has more fussy cats than usual. Use your burrito station to keep them calm.

Day 39 has you washing rabbits!

On Day 42, it says Uncle Oswaldo is out for the day, but he still shows up for work.

Other than those boards, it’s pretty much work as usual at the Cat Wash, with the daily tasks staying the same. With lots of upgrades and many cats to manage, the pace is fast, and there’s always plenty to do.

There are 48 levels in total, including the mini-games, so you can expect several hours of game play.

To quote Uncle Oswald, "This’ll take all the stress outta washing cats, man."