Most games in the building sim genre offer players a variety of different maps and scenarios to play, but’s upcoming Build It! Miami Beach Resort is trying something a little different: In it, players continue to work on the same map for more than 60 years as the city becomes bigger and bigger.

The goal, as the title implies, is to build a thriving resort on Miami Beach while completing the challenges that are assigned within each level. You’ll begin in the year 1920 with simple bungalows, and advance year by year (each level is a new year) to the 1970s. Through the decades you’ll add things like art deco hotels, cinemas, the first fast-food diner, and even giant hotels right on the beach. 

You’ll earn income by renting out hotel rooms and leasing out your shops, restaurants and other leisure facilities. As well as being a real estate mogul, you’ll have to see to more basic tasks like repairs, deliveries, and remodeling.

Other features include a scrollable game field, authentic music that reflects each decade, a snapshot functionality, and support for both 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen displays without stretching.

Build It! Miami Beach Resort is launching very soon. In the meantime, check out some screenshots for the game or chat about it in our forum.