Swedish game company KarjaSoft (the maker of Sheeplings and Spandex Force) has shared a few details with us of their upcoming adventure/simulation game Wildhollow, a mixture of dialogue-driven adventure gameplay and raising animals set in a fantasy world.

In Wildhollow you’ll follow the story of a young boy or girl (you can choose which you’d like to be at the beginning of the game) who returns home to find the family ranch destroyed and his or her parents missing under mysterious circumstances. You’ll search the hero’s hometown and the surrounding countryside for clues to your parents’ whereabouts by taking to people and completing quests for them.

That’s just one part of the gameplay, though. You’re also tasked with returning the family ranch, Wildhollow, to its former glory. You can use the cash you earn from completing quests and mini-games to expand the ranch and raise a variety of exotic animals, which can be sold to buy new species. There are a few different mini-games to play to collect food for the animals, such as collecting apples as they drop off of a tree. Each animal has different foods that they like and dislike.

Wildhollow is scheduled for release later this month, and will be available for Windows and Mac platforms.