Now’s your chance to win a free copy of Campfire Legends: The Hookman, which has been described as one of the scariest hidden object games of all time by Gamezebo readers! We’ll be running the contest from now until tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 31, Central Time). Head over to the forum to learn how to enter.

Just how scary is The Hookman? Here’s what a few of our readers had to say:

"Creepy, well-polished, and unique. I actually jumped twice during the demo, and I’m not that easily startled." -Rachael

"Wow! Play this game at night when it’s dark and quiet. The creepy factor is cool and there are a few startling moments that make it really fun." -hullabalucy

"There were a few moments where I nearly jumped out of my chair!" -NeneAdam

"Really Scary Game made me scream at one point aloud! I found myself accidentally yelling aloud in a scream that caused my hubby to come running out of the bathroom thinking something had happened to me." -sherryah

"I yelped & jumped a foot!!! It was AWESOME!! This is definitely a game for those of us who love a good fright." -MissEmma