With her Uncle Oswald’s invention of the Feline Wash-o-Matic, Susie has opened up theĀ "cat wash" – a place where customers drop off their muddy pets and you clean them up! Cat Wash is an upcoming time management game from Namco Networks and Mean Hamster Software (Passport to Perfume, Everything Nice) that should be launching in later October or early November.

Cat Wash features 40 levels of 1970s-themed music, disco and dance as you wash, dry, clip and style the kitties in your custom machines. By playing through the various cat-themed mini-games, you can build up the cash to buy new equipment for the shop – even that disco ball you’ve always wanted.

Check out screenshots for Cat Wash, or talk about the game in our forum. Be sure to check back to Gamezebo and we’ll let you know the instant the game comes out.