Captain Space Bunny is an upcoming time management/tycoon game from Vast Studios where you’ll play an intergalactic adventure hired by the spacefaring Bunny civilization to discover the location of their mother planet, "Corrotin Beta." Yes, you heard that right: bunnies in space!

Playing as Captain Space Bunny, players have to travel to eight different planets and build futuristic cities for the inhabitants in exchange for clues about which planet to travel to next, in order to find the planet where all bunnies originated from.

Players will have a variety of buildings to construct in order to meet goals. Houses, for example, will increase the happiness of the residents. There are also four different energy buildings which will give the player the energy cells to purchase materials to build with; support buildings that make completing tasks and goals easier; and entertainment buildings that increase income and happiness.

Building these structures will be the basis of the gameplay, but there are also a variety of side missions where occupants will ask Captain Space Bunny to do certain tasks throughout the entire level in return for resources and gifts.

Players will also have at their disposal six different "Captain Space Bunny skills," such as Pest Control (used to destroy enemies); Building Swap (used to quickly swap buildings between platforms); and Premium Lot, which turns any normal platform into a premium property capable of generating higher income and happiness.

Bunnies are the "main work force" that you’ll use to build all of the necessary structures. Like the workers in many building sims, they can be upgraded to work faster and more efficiently. Players will also be responsible for managing the resources and money (represented by Energy Cells) to successfully complete levels in a certain amount of time. Each new building type must be researched before players can develop it. However, the developments require minerals to be built. Minerals cost Energy Cells as well.  Lastly, some of the industrial buildings can be upgraded but only if the player pays in Energy Cells.

Captain Space Bunny will be launching soon for both PC and Mac. In the meantime, check out the first screenshots of the game, and chat about it in our forum.