What girl doesn't love a big, fairy-tale wedding? How about a wedding that takes place in New York City, one of the most romantic cities in the world? Sound like a dream to you? Then you'll probably enjoy the exquisite scenes and romantic wedding story in Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan.

The Dream Day Wedding series of games have been wildly popular with casual gaming players for the past couple of years. Like the PC games, the object in Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan is to solve puzzles and find wedding items hidden all over New York City as you help make all the arrangements for Rachel and Nate's big day in the Big Apple.Try to avoid a wedding crisis and solve last-minute emergencies to make their “dream day” come true!

The game starts out on a high note with an opening sequence that is an aerial view of New York City.Right away, this beautiful animation grabs your attention and builds the expectation for a whirlwind experience in the big city. For the most part, the objects are well hidden and fun to find. None of the cheap tactics that are often used in the average hidden object game are employed here. Objects are not shadowed or purposely blurred or blended to hide them.They are just cleverly placed. There are about 40 objects in each level, but you only have to find about 20 of them each time. I was a little disappointed that scenes AND objects repeated often. I understand developers wanting to repeat scenes (and I even enjoy re-visiting a scene), but I do not find it enjoyable to find the exact same objects in the same scene – that is just boring repetition.

The premise of the game is certainly believable (and many a movie has been made on this theme). Your best friend, the bride-to-be, is an architect, and she has to go out of town right before the wedding.So she needs your help to keep the wedding preparations on track because there is some time pressure to get the preparations done for the big wedding as the levels are timed. And hints are limited. However, bluebirds of “love” are scattered throughout the screens.If you find the birds, you get extra clues when you need one to locate an especially hard-to-find item.Although I prefer no timer and endless hints in hidden object games, I did enjoy the way these developers implemented a timer and supplied a hint mechanism that always seemed to suit my needs.

In this hidden object game, the scenes really stand out. They are beautifully rendered 3D images. However, the mini-games are lacking. Half of them don't work properly as far as I could tell. I got frustrated and hit the “solve” button on every mini-game I played, including a Pipe Mania style game (based around a chocolate fountain, naturally), a simple slider/jigsaw puzzle, and a logic puzzle of seating guests around a table (which was completely illogical to me). There are also a couple of detective levels where you have to rummage through the bride's bedroom to find the next list. In the first such scene, the objects were so small and I couldn't seem to find anything relevant, so I just hit “solve” to find the note with the list on it. To make things a little easier, you can double tap or pinch to zoom in and get a close up view. However, I sure wish I could zoom in even more. Some objects were just too small for my not-so-young-anymore eyes.

For those of you who are dying to try something new, Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan offers a micro-transaction (MTX) feature that takes full advantage of the iPhone's 3.0 software update, and allows players to make in-game purchases by unlocking the Honeymoon Bonus Pack, including extra hints and a bonus level.I didn't access this feature. There is part of me that just wants those extras to be free, but it is an interesting concept.

This game seems to cover all the bases for wedding lovers. It even contains the essentials according to the traditional poem:

Something old (wedding theme)

Something new (micro-transaction in-game purchases)

Something borrowed (hidden object mechanic)

Something blue (the little birds that give you hints).

If you love weddings (and love the Dream Day series), you'll have no problem plunking down the $2.99 the publisher is charging for this game. There is a lot of gameplay compared to many similar titles that are priced at $.99. Unfortunately, this “dream day” game is not the ultimate gamer's dream experience. While the game is beautiful to look at and fun to play, the mini games are less than ideal, the music, while lovely and relaxing at first, becomes quite repetitive and annoying, and the objects seem to repeat a little too often. However, like the good wedding planners that they are, the game developers included “solve” and “skip” buttons so that you can avoid the pitfalls and mishaps, and sail right through the game to a lovely and rewarding “happy ending.”