Gogii Games is preparing for Halloween with a suitably creepy casual adventure game called Trapped. An otherwise regular day turns into a nightmare for a young woman who wakes up to find herself locked in the trunk of a car not remembering who she is, what happened to her, or what’s going to happen next. Worse still: she’s being watched by a serial killer who has laid out a series of traps to make sure she never escapes.

It’ll be up to you to solve puzzles, decipher codes, and escape the traps that the serial killer has laid down. The problem is that he’s watching you all along, and what seems like the exit might actually lead to another trap! As you explore the locations of this dark mystery, you’ll try to rediscover your own identity as well as that of the killer.

Trapped is launching later this month. In the meantime, check out some screenshots or chat about the game in our forum.