PlayFirst has unveiled new details for the launch of Avenue Flo, the first adventure game set in DinerTown and starring Flo, the start of the Diner Dash series of time management games. Avenue Flo will be available October 13 for PC and Mac digital download on and available on all major portals beginning November 13.

While PlayFirst is well-known for delivering the Diner Dash time management series and its various spin-offs (including Wedding Dash, Cooking Dash, Parking Dash, and Dairy Dash), Avenue Flo is a different approach that will introduce fans of Flo to a new style of adventure gameplay that lets players interact with the residents of DinerTown to help Flo save the biggest wedding of the year.

Sporting her signature red sneakers and blue apron, Flo does what she does best – saves the day –  by taking on missions and quests to help solve puzzles, find lost objects, and pitch in wherever help is needed, as she lends a hand to the citizens and merchants of DinerTown to save the wedding.  From beading the wedding dress to hunting down double-egg yolks for the wedding cake, soon finds that everyone in town could use a helping hand. 

The game will feature more than 40 unique environments, 20 challenging activities and many familiar faces including Grandma Florence and Quinn the Wedding Planner.

"In a sneak-preview to our fans, this was one of our highest reviewed games in company history, and we’re not surprised," said Kenny Shea Dinkin, Chief Creative Officer at PlayFirst. "Fans are clamoring for new ways to interact with Flo and the rich cast of DinerToons in the DinerTown universe.  By creating an easy-to-play, puzzle-based adventure game with a humorous and immersive story, we are bringing Flo’s world to life in new ways and allowing the player to interact with their favorite casual characters in rich environments that we know will please Diner Dash fans new and old."

PlayFirst has also released a music video to promote the game, with Flo singing a theme song about her life in DinerTown.

Discussion is happening here in the Avenue Flo form.