Good Old Games (, a portal dedicated to re-releasing classic PC games at bargain prices, has just announced a deal with PushButton Labs to launch a compilation of the puzzle game series The Incredible Machine.

The package, which is available now DRM-free for $9.99, includes The Even More Incredible Machine (The Incredible Machine with new puzzles), The Incredible Machine 3 (The Incredible Machine 2 with Windows compatibility, a new interface and enhanced graphics), Return of the Incredible Machine Contraptions, and The Incredible Machine – Even More Contraptions.   

The Incredible Machine series requires players to solve puzzles while building wacky machines, with each level offering a set of specific parts that the player needs to use to build their crazy contraptions and achieve a specified goal. From humble beginnings – popping a balloon with a needle, for example – players will soon transfer to boggled-brain territory as they have figure out how to combine a rat in a cage, a goldfish in a bowl, two strings and a bowling ball. In addition to the given levels, wacky inventors can dive into the free play mode, in which there can let their imaginations run free.

"We are incredibly excited to be able to bring back The Incredible Machine series through," said Jeff Tunnell Managing Partner at PushButton Labs and the original co-designer of the original series, in a prepared statement. "It has felt great to let audiences new and old rediscover the great grandfather of physics puzzle games."

"The Incredible Machine series is a true gem of classic PC games and I’m sure lots of users will fondly remember the tough times they had solving the puzzles," said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of "We’re really happy to add the series to our catalogue as this game will never really show its age and is a perfect fit for gamers young and old."

The Incredible Machine Mega Pack is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. It can be download now from