PopCap has just launched a new "single mode" edition of Zuma’s Revenge! for $9.95. The single mode edition includes the same graphics, power-ups, features and levels as the main Adventure mode from Zuma’s Revenge! but does not include the other modes offered in the premium version, which sells for $19.95 on PopCap.com and other select digital download portals.

"Adventure mode is the core of Zuma’s Revenge!, and consumers on tight gaming budgets will have hours of fun with this infinitely replayable, never-the-same-game-twice edition at half the cost of the premium version," PopCap’s EVP of Global Business Development Dennis Ryan said in a prepared statement. "More avid gamers may prefer the advanced challenges and additional modes in the premium version of Zuma’s Revenge! but this Adventure mode edition will enable any and all customers to enjoy this tremendous sequel to one of the all-time classics."

Features in Zuma’s Revenge! – Adventure include:

  • More than 60 levels
  • Six mini-game Boss Battles
  • Three new power-up effects: Lightning, Laser, and Tri-Shot (plus all the power-ups from the original Zuma)
  • New methods of movement like lily-pad hopping and slide-aiming
  • High-definition (1920 x 1200) graphics and special effects

The premium version of Zuma’s Revenge! offers three additional modes: an endless play mode called Iron Frog, Heroic Frog – an extension of the adventure mode, and a Challenge Mode that offers 70 additional levels. The premium version can be found at PopCap.com and select portals including iWin and Steam.

The single mode "Adventure" version is now available for the PC from MSN Games, Yahoo Games, GameHouse, AOL Games, and Pogo.com.