Flora’s Fruit Farm is an upcoming time management game published by Eidos and developed by Honeyslug where you get to tend an ever-expanding orchard with the help of magic gloves and fairy dust.

Your goal is to harvest the ripe and tasty fruit from your trees and deliver it to hungry customers before they lose patience. As you earn money you’ll be able to invest in upgrades for your farms (such as different fruit and accessories) and even buy new plots of land to expand to. You can also use fairy dust to make the fruit even bigger and more delicious.

While the gameplay is predominantly time management, there looks to be an element of strategy to it as well. The price of the various kinds of fairy dust fluctuates, so a smart player will be sure to buy up cheap dust in large quantities so they don’t run out.

Flora’s Fruit Farm will be launching on Oct. 2. for PC.