ARRRR!!!!! T’day be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Gamezebo is proud t’ bring ye 10 pirate-themed casual games that are ripe for the plundering…. er, downloading.

Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

The first point-and-click adventure game in a five-chapter series from Telltale Games, Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal stars Guybrush Threepwood, a bumbling pirate who tends to get himself in all kinds of trouble while sailing the High Seas. This swashbuckling adventure starts off near the “Rock of Gelato,” where Threepwood’s nemesis – a demon pirate known as LeChuck – has taken his wife Elaine captive on his ship. Click here to download Launch of the Screaming Narwhal for FREE today (Sept. 19) only at Telltale Games in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Sea Journey

Take Puzzle Quest’s combination of match-3 gameplay and one-on-one combat, add a pirate theme with thrilling sea battles, and you have Sea Journey. You follow the story of a young captain following the trail left by his father as he visits various islands and encounters rivals who are searching for the same treasures. Battle your enemies on the high-seas by matching ship wheels, cannonballs, colored crystals and scrolls.

Spirit of Wandering: The Legend

Hidden object fans will swoon over the romantic hidden object adventure Spirit of Wandering: The Legend. It’s the tale of a female pirate captain who loses her crew – including her lover, Jack – during an attack by the infamous ghost ship the Flying Dutchman. The crew aren’t dead, but merely imprisoned in the spirit world, which means the captain must use her compass and Jack’s magic orb to get them back.


The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates

This swashbuckling tale follows the exploits of Mary Ann, an orphaned girl turned aspiring pirate queen. Through match-3 encounters you’ll help pilot Mary Ann’s ship through the treacherous waters of the Caribbean in search of the mysterious Skull Island.


Ikibago: The Caribbean Jewel

Ikibago: The Caribbean Jewel is set in the Caribbean Islands circa 1680, where you play a female pirate out to prove that she’s worthy of Pirate of the Year honors by being the first to discover the ultimate prize: the famed Ikibago jewel. Mission are all based on a rather unique take on match-three where you use the mouse to drag-and-drop different colored kegs into patterns as they float across the water.


Pirate Poppers

Somewhere, the pirates had a party and painted all their cannonballs pretty colors. Then, lined them up and rolled them down some rails while taking potshots at them with their biggest cannon. Logic aside, Pirate Poppers uses a similar game system to Luxor and Zuma – colored balls run around on different tracks while you fire other balls at them to create color matches of three or more balls. Meanwhile, “chains” of balls come in waves, and you have to prevent them from entering powder kegs at the end of the rails or you lose.


Cannon Blast!

Cannon Blast! is another Zuma-style marble popper that introduces us to a colorful cast of characters, such as the lovely Scarlet Revenge, the quirky “One-Eyed Larry” and the mean ‘ol Sharksword and his followers. You must find and collect treasures from various islands spread out over various seas as well as accomplish tasks such as picking up new crewmembers or obtaining a special scroll, and then figuring out ho to read the encoded information.



Sharpshooter Jack doesn’t so much set sail for adventure as stumble upon it while shopping for spirits in this hidden object game. In order to solve a mystery surrounding a locked box, Jack travels to various locations – including a shabby coastal shop, a fortune teller’s spooky quarters, and Jack’s own untidy room – speaking with people and gathering clues that edge him closer to a big reveal at the end.


Captain Bubblebeard’s Treasure

This boatload of puzzling, color-matching, bubble-bursting fun revolves around the legend of Captain BubbleBeard’s treasure and the terrible secret behind it. Where’s the treasure? What happened to the good Captain? And, what’s up with the bananas? All good questions that only time and success will reveal.


Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates

We couldn’t do a roundup of pirate games without mentioning Three Rings’ free-to-play MMOG (massively-multiplayer online game) Puzzle Pirates. If you’ve ever wanted to role-play your very own pirate character, this is the place to be. You can join a crew, plunder, craft items, run shops, trade stories in the local tavern, or even engage in all-out sword-fights – all through mini-games.