Hudson Entertainment announced today that it will be bringing the PC puzzle game Rooms: The Main Building to Nintendo Wii and DS video game consoles in 2010.

In the game, the player is diverted to an alternate world where they must use items such as fishbowls, telephones, ladders and water pumps to navigate through a variety of rooms. To enter the next room, players must carefully shift rooms around in a manner similar to slider puzzles. Players are also rewarded with a bonus if the background is placed correctly like in a jigsaw puzzle.

"With the diverse gameplay offered in this unique title, Rooms: The Main Building is the start of another new category for Hudson," said Mike Pepe, director of marketing of Hudson Entertainment, in a prepared statement.  "Rooms: The Main Building will transport players of all ages to a beautifully designed world filled with adventure and mystery."

The game will feature more than 100 rooms to go through. In the DS version, players can create their own levels using a level editor, and share them with friends. The Wii version will feature a two-player mode where opponents race against each other to try to exit the room first.

Rooms: The Main Building was developed by HandMade Game.