Supermodel Amanda Manville has been murdered, and it’s up to the smart and sassy Lacey Smithsonian to investigate a cast of nine quirky characters before the killer strikes again. Hostile Makeover is a spunky soon-to-launch hidden object game from Merscom and Lifetime based on the third novel in Ellen Byerrum’s Crime of Fashion mystery series.

According to Merscom, the game features a non-linear storyline that gives players the freedom to explore nine independent paths in whichever order they choose. Players will explore 13 locations around Washington D.C., for a total of 47 screens to solve.

The game offers three different variations on seek-and-find play: A standard hidden object mode, a picture mode, and a find the differences mode. Clearing hidden object scenes not only helps to unravel the mystery, but earns Lacey a paycheck that can be used to purchase clothing.

Clothing items can be matched into various outfits that unlock new power-ups, such as the Halloween costume, which unlocks night vision goggles, and the Chrysalis ensemble, which causes power-ups to recharge four times faster. Players will also unlock special sleuthing abilities, such as "Savvy Fashion Sense" and "Female Intuition."