Slingo (a fusion of slots and Bingo) has been entertaining casual game fans for years, but developer Funkitron has something a little different in store with the upcoming Slingo Mystery. Slingo Mystery blends traditional Slingo gameplay with a hidden object adventure set in a luxurious Las Vegas casino.

Times are tough and the economy has gotten Maggie Gold down, so she does what any broke, widowed single mother would do to replenish her bank account: rob a casino!

Ok, so it’s a little more complicated than that. Maggie is the first wife of casino mogul Freddy Gold, who left her with nothing after a messy divorce. To add insult to injury, after Freddy shows up dead it’s revealed that he’s leaving the casino to his second wife, once again leaving Maggie (and her children) in the lurch. The time is right for payback, and Maggie has one night to find a way into the casino and pull off her big heist before it’s too late.

According to Funkitron, Slingo Mystery boasts 30 unique rooms with no doubling back to visit the same location twice. Some of the items you find will be added to your inventory and used to solve puzzles – starting with how to get into casino itself.

Fans of the original Slingo gameplay won’t be disappointed either. Throughout the casino there are 10 different slingo machines to discover and play.

Slingo Mystery is launching very soon, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo and we’ll let you know the instant the game comes out. In the meantime, check out some screenshots or chat about the game in our forum.