As the makers of Cooking Academy and Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine, Fugazo knows a thing or two about food. They’ve funnelled that experience into Kitchen Brigade, an upcoming time management game that has you running a kitchen, preparing food to serve to customers, and delegating tasks to your crew of willing assistants.

You and your kitchen staff have just qualified for the Kitchen Brigade TV competition. Over the next 60 days (the 60 levels of story mode), you must successfully open and manage six different restaurants to win the top prize.

Gameplay is a mixture of service and food preparation. Customers sidle up to the counter and place an order. That order is broken down into individual components that it’s up to you to cook and prepare. For example, to make a hamburger you’ll have to grill the patties, de-leaf the lettuce, and slice the tomatoes. There are more than 50 unlockable recipes in the game, from burgers and enchiladas to clam chowder and chicken satay.

You can assign tasks to your three helper chefs, who will happily chop, grill and mix automatically for you. When orders start piling up, though, you can drag food to your own special prep stations and play mini-games to prepare the food yourself using simple mouse-clicks to stir, slice, boil, peel, and so on.

Keep an eye out for Kitchen Brigade to launch in mid-September, according to Fugazo. In the meantime, check out some screenshots or chat about the game in our forum.