Playrix Entertainment is working on a new hidden object game that also lets you create and customize a beautiful garden. Intrigued? Check out our preview to get the "dirt" on Gardenscapes.

Like a previous Playrix offering, Fishdom H20: Hidden Odyssey, Gardenscapes is a mixture of hidden object gameplay with a simulation component that lets you care for an ecosystem. In the case of Fishdom it was a fish tank, and with Gardenscapes  you must restore a once-stunning garden to its former glory.

The story begins when you receive a letter from your grandfather’s butler saying that you’ve inherited the old man’s mansion.  The enclosed photo showed a beautiful garden out front, and excited by this, you hurry over to have a look. Unfortunately, when you get there you find that the garden has gone to ruin from not having a caretaker for so long, and it’s going to need a lot of work to bring it back.

Before you can start renovations, though, you’ll need money. Thankfully, the mansion is full of all kinds of antiques and knick-knacks that you can sell. In the first half of the game, you’ll hold rummage sales to raise some cash – these are organized as hidden object searches. Customers will appear with an item in mind that they want, and you’ll have to search through a cluttered room to find it.

With the money you’ve earned, you can upgrade your garden with new accessories like benches, fences, a pond, and even a dog kennel.

Gardenscapes offers two modes: Relaxed and Against the Clock. You’ll also be rewarded with a screensaver of your garden to set up on your desktop if you wish.

According to Playrix, the game is scheduled to launch in the middle of September on the company’s website. Keep checking back to Gamezebo and we’ll let you know the instant the game launches. In the meantime, check out some screenshots, or talk about the game in our forum.