Glad to have you on staff here at City Sights Magazine, kid, you do us proud! You’re a great reporter, you know why? Because you’ve a keen eye for detail. You walk into a room and right away see everything there is to see – nothing gets past you. Your next assignment: Seattle! Now, get out there and show us the sights!

In the new hidden object game City Sights: Hello, Seattle!, you’ll tour around the Emerald City, visiting various famous locations  and scouring them for items of interest. Each location is beautifully rendered, bright, colorful and even fairly faithful to their real-world counterparts; you definitely won’t mind staring at them as you hunt for the items on your list. And oh, what a list it is.

For most spots, your list is divided into three categories: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The harder the item is to find, the more points you get for spotting it. The difficulty rating is a bit dubious, though. I usually had much tougher time finding the Medium items than the Hard ones, and some supposedly Easy ones were real stumpers.

Track down everything before time runs out, and it’s on to the next location. Though you’ll start off only having to find a handful of items to find in each location, soon you’ll have dozens of objects on your list. Some items can be tricky – "cone" might be an ice cream cone, a traffic cone, or a pine cone – but you can use as many rechargeable hints as you like to get through the level. 

You might not want to, though. Hello, Seattle! has a rather ingenious set of trophies that you can earn in every level that provide an extra layer of challenge. At least three remain constant: Don’t use any hints,don’t suffer any penalties for incorrect  clicks, and finish in under five minutes. Finishing levels with those three achievements gradually levels up three large trophies, but there are plenty of individual awards to win, too. You might have to find 10 particular items – cats, apples, birds – in a particular scene, or you may have to find items in the specific order they appear on the list. You might have to find all of the Hard items first, or earn 10,000 points.

If you blow a particular achievement, you can replay the level and try again. You’ll have a different list of objects to find, but just about everything is in the same place, so you’ll have a distinct advantage when you play for the second time.

Trying to earn all of the achievements in a given area is an incredibly addictive way to play the game, but even if you can’t quite finish in five minutes or you have to use a hint, don’t worry – you’ll still have plenty of gold in your trophy case. You win one award simply for clicking on the screen fifteen times, and another for moving your cursor "3 feet" on the screen. The achievements are, for the most part, completely optional, so feel free to ignore them if you’d rather play completely stress-free.

Sprinkled among the hidden object levels are a few spot-the-difference sections, which are just as polished, though not always as challenging. There’s no Easy-Medium-Hard breakdown for these levels, but the same trophy standards (no hints, finish fast, etc.) apply.

Hello, Seattle! may seem like it’s a short game, but that’s only because you’ll find it so hard to stop playing it. It’s a wonderful take on the genre, and an enjoyable tour of a beautiful city, too. The achievements add an extra level of challenge for pros who want to test their hidden object might, but all hidden object game fans will enjoy this one.