Wadjet Eye Games are best known for making games like Emerald City Confidential and the Blackwell series, but starting today they’ll be selling a very select group of games from other studios on the site as part of a new "Recommended Games" list. The first such title is Socko! Entertainment’s humorous Batman spoof The Adventures of Fatman.

The Adventures of Fatman was produced by Socko! Entertainment in 2003, but was later discontinued. A point-and-click adventure in the style of Lucasarts classics like Secret of Monkey Island, The Adventures of Fatman stars a pudgy version of the caped crusader who must defend the city of Shadowlawn from a supervillain named Toxicman.

"Six years later, the folks at Socko! have graciously agreed to let me sell the game on the Wadjet Eye Games website on their behalf," said Wadjet Eye Games CEO and Creative Director Dave Gilbert in a press release. "This means a lot to me, since this is a game that really blazed the trail for indie adventure games like mine."

According to Gilbert, the re-release of The Adventures of Fatman marks the first of Wadjet Eye’s "recommended games" list. There are several other games queued up, and Wadjet Eye will be releasing a new one every two weeks.

The Adventures of Fatman  is available for $9.99 at the Wadjet Eye Games site.