Her Interactive has given us an advanced look at the cast of characters who you’ll get to meet in the upcoming Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger when it launches on Sept. 1.

Cassidy Jones

Cassidy Jones is the receptionist at the Redondo spa. He strongly dislikes the job, and it’s starting to show in his work. But why would a highly intelligent graduate from Brown University take a job as a receptionist unless he had other motives?

Helfdan Helgason

Helfdan Helgason is a genius who creates exclusive cosmetic salves, creams and liquids for the Redondo. If this scientist is creating revolutionary products that virtually erase all signs of aging, then why is he still stuck at the spa?

Jasmine Ivy

Jasmin Ivy is a well-respected actress who plays the Hollywood "game" and stops by the Redondo to "rejuvenate" her looks. Naturally, she wouldn’t want anyone to know about her treatments, but would she set off bombs in the spa to keep them from talking?

Joanna Brown

The Redondo keeps the janitor, Joanna Brown, who lives in the furnace room with her pet rats, shuttered away safely during the day from their clients. Is Joanna resentful of the spa’s treatment and setting off bombs that won’t damage her home but will destroy the spa’s reputation?

Mrs. Montague

As one of the Redondo’s wealthiest clients, Mrs. Montague always gets what she wants. When the spa denies one of her demands, would she go so far as to set off bombs to get her revenge?

Nick Bleski

There’s nothing Nick Bleski won’t do for money. Which is perfect, considering that his job as the general manager of the Redondo demands that he make as much money as possible. Is he planting these innocuous bombs so he can claim insurance and bolster his bottom line?

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