She is a Shadow has a slightly interesting premise where a master thief is forced out of retirement to get her kidnapped son back. Other than that there’s nothing you haven’t seen before in dozens – if not hundreds! – of other hidden object games.

Hanna used to be master thief nicknamed "The Shadow," but her career and personal life were changed forever when Sam – Hanna’s business partner and the father of her baby – was murdered on the job. Sam’s killer was never found, and Hanna gave up her criminal ways to raise her son Adam.

Unfortunately, Hanna’s past comes back to haunt her when Adam is kidnapped, and a shady underworld character named Igor uses him as collateral to force Hanna back into the business. Hanna has no choice but to fall back into her life of crime and do jobs for Igor until she can figure out a way to get her son back.

As Hanna, you must perform "jobs" for Igor that amount to breaking into a location and grabbing the loot. The list of objects that Hanna has to steal are provided in a list, and you must scour a series of cluttered scenes to find them. If you’re stuck, you can click on the object’s name to see a picture of it. You can keep using hints as long as you have time on the clock.

Players have a choice of Normal Mode, where there’s no timer and you gain one extra hint per minute, and Hard Mode, where scenes are timed and you lose a bit off the clock each time you ask for help, but you also earn more achievements.

Before each scene you’ll play a short mini-game that represents breaking into the room, such as picking a combination lock, cracking an alarm code, or neutralizing a circuitboard. None of these games are particularly challenging, and players have the option of skipping them.

With 21 jobs and more than 50 scenes to visit in total, there’s no fear of the game ending right after the 60 minute trial. The list of items to find isn’t always the same, which affords the game some replay value. At the same time, the locations – which include a kitchen, office, backyard and the interior of a car – repeat themselves fairly frequently.

The game’s graphics are nothing to write home about. The scenes don’t have much character, and the items often appear blurry or nondescript. Another pet peeve is that there’s no rhyme or reason to what Hanna has to steal. Why on Earth would a master thief be pilfering cheap junk like a ruler or a garlic clove?

All in all, She is a Shadow is just another run of the mill hidden object game – not bad, not great. Besides a somewhat unique premise, there’s nothing else that sets this game apart in any way. It’s perfectly playable, just not memorable.

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