PopCap Games has Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 for the PC. The sequel to the 2007 original takes players into three new literary landscapes with a bevy of new features and lexical challenges. Initially available on PopCap.com, Steam and iWin, Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 will carry a list price of $19.95 for the full, three-book deluxe edition.

Beginning on August 19, the game will also be available in "episodic" form. The three individual books of the game will become available on PopCap.com and partner sites including MSN Games, RealArcade, and Yahoo Games. According to PopCap, the price for each book will vary from one online distribution partner to another; this new episodic packaging and pricing will become available in the coming weeks.

The three books, "Fractured Fairytales," "The Monkey King" and "Astounding Planet," each offer a complete story and 10-chapter adventure in which players once again take on the role of Lex the intrepid Bookworm to right wrongs and defeat evil-doers through superlative spelling and use of the game’s many new and existing role-playing game elements.

To celebrate the first new installment in the Bookworm series since 2007, PopCap has also dropped the price of Bookworm for iPhone from $4.99 to $.99 from now until Aug. 5.

In the Bookworm Adventures series, players take on the role of Lex the Bookworm, leading him through a series of books involving fictional characters which Lex must overcome by forming words from an ever-changing set of letter tiles. Making longer and more complex words gives Lex greater fighting prowess, while special "gem" letter tiles offer a range of power-up effects of their own.

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