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Welcome to our walkthrough for Simon the Sorcerer II.


  • Important Note: Simon the Sorcerer II is a nonlinear adventure, meaning that tasks and items can be accomplished and acquired in very different orders. To use this guide more effectively if you are stuck in a particular area, use "Ctrl+F" and type in a keyword, such as "Swamp Mud" to more effectively navigate the guide and your corresponding position.
  • Subtitles can be switched on and off at your own free will at any moment during the game. To do this, simply press "T" during gameplay to toggle between subtitles on and subtitles off.
  • Sound Effects can be turned on or off at any point during gameplay by pressing the "S" key
  • Background Sound Effects can be switched on or off at any time using the "B" key
  • Music can also be switched on or off at any stage by pressing the "M" key
  • Interaction Hints are available in this title. To see which items, things, or people that Simon can interact with, press "F10" and little white stars will temporarily blink over objects that Simon can interact with. This is very helpful if you’re stuck or are having difficulty finding a particular object.
  • Skip Movie Scenes by either pressing "ESC" or "F5"
  • To Save, Load, or Quit a Game select "Use" (hammer icon) and the Postcard in your Inventory. All options are available there. When quitting, you will have to type "Y" for Yes and "N" for No.
  • Actions are what Simon needs to accomplish given tasks in the game. Instead of being displayed as text (i.e., Walk to), Simon the Sorcerer II features icons, which mean the following (note: please refer to below screenshot for corresponding icon):

1. Move (an object or person, i.e.Lever)

2. Look at (a given object)

3. Open (a box or door)

4. Pick up (an item or object)

5. Inventory (not an action, but this is where items Picked up are stored)

6. Talk to (a person, or object maybe…?)

7. Wear (an item or article of clothing)

8. Use (an item with or on something. Note: can also be used separate from items, i.e. Rigging)

9. Give (an item to someone or something)



The game begins with Runt, a young boy who’s bought Sordid’s Spell book and is reading it. His father comes in and discovers the book. Angry with Runt for denying a life of work on the farm, he burns the book and throws it onto a Pentagram on the floor and leaves. Distraught, Runt proclaims he could conquer the world one day, and the ghost of Sordid appears, telling Runt he’s taking him as an apprentice and with his help, he could be resurrected and take over the world.

Once Runt is made an apprentice, Sordid creates a magic wardrobe transportation device and sends it to Simon. Simon discovers the wardrobe in his room and enters it, only to be transported back into Sordid and Calypso’s Realm. However due to a mistake on Sordid’s part, Simon arrives at Calypso’s Magike Emporium instead of Sordid’s Fortress. Calypso informs Simon he can send him back, but he will need a rare and powerful fuel called Mucusade. And the adventure begins.


Discover the Castle

Calypso’s Magike Emporium

  • Once outside, Look and the Poster to learn about the Royal Wizard tournament
  • Enter Calypso’s Store again, and Pick up the Baseball Bat and the Green Dye

  • Exit Calypso’s Store and proceed up the upper path leading to the Castle
  • This will automatically open the World Map. Proceed to the purple Castle by toggling left.



  • Talk to the Guards, saying "But I need to get into the castle", "C’mon guys, gimme a break…", "What sort of identification?", and "Alright, I’ll get your money", They’ll tell you that you can earn money by winning the Magic Tournament in Town.
  • Exit the area to enter the World Map, and select Town Square. It’s time to earn some money!



Earning Money

Town Square

Before we earn the money, it’s important to know how the currency works. According to the Guards, it’s like so:

1 Dollar = 256 pence
1 Groat = 16 Pence
1 Crown = 64 Pence
1 Queen’s Shilling = 2 Crowns
1 King’s Shilling = 3 Crowns
1 Silver Sovereign = 5 Dollars
1 Gold Sovereign = 3 Silver Sovereigns
1 Royal Crest = 45 Dollars

  • Once you enter the Town, wait and watch the Morris Dancers. Talk to the Accordion Player and the Dancers until Simon agrees to watch them.
  • One of the Dancer’s Sticks will break. Talk to the Accordion Player (Malcolm) and Give him the Baseball Bat
  • An accident will occur, and the troupe will advertise for a new instructor. Exit to the World Map and select Street of Traders


Street of Traders

  • Once there, Pick up the Poster that’s advertising for a new Dance Instructor

  • Talk to the Ironmonger. After he makes a quip about Simon’s ponytail, Talk to him again, saying the following: "How’s the ironmongering trade?", "If you can make it worth my while"
  • The answers to his money questions are "I reckon 15", "Exactly 1 dollar", and "Er, 3 I reckon..". You will be rewarded with a lefthanded Crowbar
  • Leave the screen to the right, and you’ll see a Fat Bloke, who’s selling garments. He’s not going to talk to you, so enter the Joke Shop on the extreme left of the screen.
  • Once inside the Joke Shop, you can choose to look at all the different gags inside the shop. When the Joke Seller puts the Gorilla Head on, Pick up the Joke Book on the counter.

  • Talk to the Joke Seller, and Simon will automatically leave the shop.
  • Reenter the Joke Shop, and the Joke Seller will give you his business card. Exit again.
  • Once outside, exit behind the Ironmonger to get back to the World Map screen. Once there, select the Docks.



  • Look at the Crabs and Herring (optional), and then at Goldilocks hiding behind the crate. Talk to her and say: "No, I really am a prepubescent wizard", "Why are you hiding?", "You’ll have to take my word for it", "Why are you hiding behind these crates?", "What’s the 3 Bears Job?", "Who are you?", "If you’re in such a rush to escape, why are you still here?", "I’ll see if I can help you with the crates", "What do you do?", and finally "Stay here, I’ll be back later."
  • Use Crowbar on the Crate
  • Pick up the Wig and the rubber Dinghy Goldilocks drops while climbing into the Crate.

  • Move to the rightmost area of the screen until you encounter Um Bongo
  • Talk to Um Bongo, saying "You going to a fancy dress party?", "My name’s Simon and how do you intend to do that?", "What’s the use of that?", and "Take a shufty at this poster."
  • Once Um Bongo leaves to join the Dance Troupe, exit to the right and to the World Map screen. Select the 3 Bears Cottage.


3 Bears Cottage

  • Once there, Look and the Sign, and Open the Letterbox.

  • Pick up and Look at Letter: it’s got the address of the 3 Bears on it, but you can’t get in the house now due to the various security systems. Exit from where you came and back to the World Map. Select the Loan Office.


Loan Office

  • Talk to the Jester, saying "So, you’re a jester, are you?", "I dunno. Is it any good?", "I dunno. What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?", and "I dunno. What do you call a man with a shovel on his head?"
  • Give the Joke Book to the Jester, and in return, he’ll give you the Bladder
  • Open the Drain Cover using the Crowbar and Enter the Sewers
  • Proceed to the left, and a giant mutated Spider will scare Simon, and he’ll leave, vowing never to flush another spider down the toilet again. Notice the water level difference between the Sewers and the Spider’s Lair.
  • Enter the Loan Office and Talk with the Secretary, saying "Yeah, I’m interested in a loan.", "What sorts are there?" Pick any of the options/kinds of loans, and then the corresponding option "That’s definitely for me". Open the door to the Loan Office to the left.
  • Once inside, ask the Loan Officer "Where does that tube lead to?"
  • Next, ask for whichever Loan option you chose in the conversation. While the Loan Officer searches for the form, Use the Letter from the 3 Bears Cottage on the InTray. If you mess it up the first time, don’t worry, you have plenty more chances to get it right.

  • Exit the Loan Office. Outside, you’ll see the roof of the 3 Bears Cottage destroyed. Exit to the World Map and select 3 Bears Cottage.


3 Bears Cottage

  • You now have the ability to enter the Cottage. Inside, proceed to the Kitchen at the right of the screen.

  • Pick up the Rubber Gloves and then close taps. Closing the taps will cause the 3 Bears to arrive. You will see the 3 Bears arrive and Simon will hide in the Chimney. Watch the cutscene which takes Simon to the next area!



  • Talk to the Washer Woman, saying "I’m Simon, Simon the Sorcerer. Licensed to Thrill"
  • Note the Basket next to the Washing Woman with the glasses
  • Exit to the left, and at the World Map, select 3 Bears Cottage


3 Bears Cottage

  • Enter the Cottage to start a conversation with Papa Bear, saying "I’ve just moved in next door. Could I borrow some porridge?", "Who are you talking about?", "I haven’t done anything wrong", "I think I’ve got her wig", and "D’you mind if I have some of your porridge?" to receive Porridge
  • Exit the Cottage and to the World Map. Select Tattooist.



  • Look at the Sign on the Door, and also the Sign to the right of the Door saying "Insane Society"
  • Use the Ladder and Climb up. Open the Door. Enter to see some very strange characters.
  • Talk to the Frying Pan Man, and the Fish Man will give you the Notepad.
  • Use the Notepad on Frying Pan Man, saying "What is this place, what’s going on?", and you’ll receive a Brochure
  • Continuing the conversation, select "Porridge wearer?", and "What else does a porridgewearer do?"
  • Wear the Porridge to be given a membership and complementary Junk Bag, and Simon will leave
  • Once outside, Look in the Junk Bag to find Money, Bungee Rope, and Wedge
  • Exit the area to the World Map. Select Mucswamplings as your next destination.



Visit the Swampling Boss


  • Look at the Menu, and then Talk to the Swampling, he’ll offer you a balloon. Reply "Can I have a voucher as well?"

  • Proceed to the next/leftmost portion of the screen. Look in the Dustbin to add the Fishing Rod to your inventory
  • Go back to the right, and enter the Fast Food Store
  • Once inside, Look at the MucSwampling clock: it’s nearly 2
  • Talk to the Tattooist, saying "Where do you work?", and he’ll tell you he goes back at 2
  • Talk to Anorak Man, saying "You look a bit in the dumps", "What’s a Younicks manual?", and "Try taking up a macho hobby of some sort"
  • Talk to the Waiter and Use your Voucher. Choose any flavor of Swamp Shake
  • Look at the Kiddie Meal to add Swampling Model, Swampling Gum, and Maggot to your inventory.
  • Look at the Swamp Shake to read the warning: it will turn into a solid mass upon contact with air
  • Talk to the Waiter again, saying "Can you tell me where I can find the Swampling?", only to come to a bit of a dead end. Looks like we’ll have to figure out a way to get into that Employee’s Only area.
  • Walk outside and exit to the World Map. Select Street of Traders.


Street of Traders

  • Enter the Pet Store
  • Talk to the Inventor, saying "I thought this was a pet shop?", "What do you think?", "What’s Tax Form 416D?", and "What exactly does it do?"
  • Pick up the Glowworms, and then try to Pick up the Turtle. Simon will get zapped and make a sarcastic remark about how much you care about him.

  • Use Rubber Gloves on Turtle
  • Use Turtle on the rightmost Empty Cage
  • Use/Press the Green Button on the Machine, and you’ll get Turtle and Eel in the leftmost Cages.

  • Remove Turtle and replace it with Glowworms
  • Move the red Lever of the Machine to the right, then Use the Green Button to produce superbright Glowworms in the rightmost cage. The Inventor will allow you to keep them, and Simon will exit the shop.

  • Outside, proceed to the left and enter the Joke Shop
  • Talk to the Joke Seller, saying "Can you make me a costume?", and "Can you make me a Swampling costume?" The Joke Seller’s going to need more green material, though. Exit the Shop.
  • Walk to the rightmost part of the screen and talk to the Fat Bloke, saying "Oh yeah? What sort of favour?" The Fat Bloke wants you to retrieve a Magic Lamp for him, and will drop you off at a Cave.
  • In the Cave, proceed to the right and Pick up Magic Lamps. Much rubbing later, Simon finally finds it. Go back to the Cave entrance.
  • Talk to the Cave Entrance to get the Fat Bloke to toss a Ladder down, and Climb it. The Fat Bloke will then reward you with Cloth! But it’s not green…
  • Exit the area to the World Map, and select the Fountain



  • Use the Grass Dye on the Fountain, and Use Cloth on the Basket near the woman with the glasses.
  • Look at the Fountain, and Simon will proclaim the water is green. This is the trigger for the Washer Woman
  • Pick up the newly green Cloth

  • Exit to the World Map and select Street of Traders


Street of Traders

  • Enter the Joke Shop on the left and Give the Cloth to Joke Seller. Later on, he will give you the Costume.
  • Exit the Shop and leave the area to get back to the World Map. Select Mucswamplings.



  • Enter the Restaurant (can you even call it that?) and Wear the Costume. Simon will walk behind the counter and upstairs.
  • Once upstairs, the two chefs will be arguing. Continue upstairs to see the Boss.
  • Talk to the Swampling, saying "I couldn’t resist your lovely stew. Yum, yum.", "I don’t think it’s horrible. I came especially to get some", "SPECIAL Swamp Stew??", and "I’ll get you some." The Swampling will give you a Bucket to get the Mud.
  • Leave the restaurant and exit to the World Map. Select Town Square are your destination.



Getting the Swamp Mud

Town Square

  • Proceed to the left, and you will run into Um Bongo again. Talk to him, saying "Abdomens?", "Ballast?", and then Um Bongo concludes it’s a Bladder. Simon automatically gives him Bladder to fix his drum. The Troupe performs and it rains. Simon’s burnt to a crisp, and leaves. Guess what the rain means? We can finally access the Sewer.
  • In the World Map, select the Loan Office.


Loan Office

  • Crawl down into the Sewer to find the rain swept the Spider away!
  • Proceed to the left, and when in need of light, Use Glowworms. Simon will automatically hang them on a chain. Continue to walk forward until you reach the dead Spider, then Climb up the metal Ladder and to the Swamp



  • Proceed to the right of the screen. You’ll see the Swamp Mud below the broken bridge, but it’s out of reach unfortunately. Use Bungee Rope on the Railing of the broken bridge. Simon will attach the other end to his foot.

  • Use Bucket on Mud to get a Bucket filled with Swamp Mud
  • Afterwards, walk towards the left (3 screen moves), past where you entered, until you come to the Lake
  • When the Lady of the Lake appears, say the following: "What are you talking about?", "I didn’t realize Ladies of the Lake did shifts", "Doing what, exactly?", "So there isn’t really a sword?", "I’d really like to have a go. Where do I sign up?", and "I’m sure I can cope with it"
  • Use the Fishing Rodon the Lake. Simon will automatically use the Maggot as bait, and catch a Fish
  • Go back to the Sewer and enter it. Exit at the Loan Office and proceed to exit to the World Map. Select MucSwamplings as the destination.



  • Enter the Restaurant and Wear the Costume. Proceed behind the counter and up the stairs to see the Swampling/Boss again. Simon will automatically give over the Swamp Mud/Bucket. The stew will explode, and Simon will be give the remainder of the Swamp Stew.
  • Leave the Restaurant and Exit to the World Map. Select Street of Traders.


Street of Traders

  • Enter the Joke Shop. Once inside, Look at the Stinko Kit (green blimp) at the top right of the screen.

  • Talk to the Joke Seller. After a playful banter about whether or not it’s Simon 3D already, select "Any idea when those stink bombs will be ready?", "What have you tried so far?", and "Have you tried using old trout?" After the conversation, Give the Swamp Stew to the Joke Seller. In return, he’ll give you the Stink Bomb
  • Exit the Joke Shop and the Street of Traders area to access the World Map. Select Magic Competition


Magic Competition

  • Talk to the Clerk, saying "Is this where I sign up for the magic tournament?", "Simon", "Male not that it should make a difference", and whichever birthday option you like, and he’ll tell you to proceed to the waiting room. Enter the Tent.
  • Inside, Talk to each of the Wizards sitting inside.After talking to them, Simon will state that he needs to thin out the competition.
  • Use the Swamp Shake on the Wizard with the bad cold and ear horn. Simon will pour half the shake into his ear cone. Well, that’s one less competitor to worry about..
  • Use the Stink Bomb inside the Tent. After a cutscene and medical attention, proceed back inside the Tent.

  • Once back inside, Pick up the Spell Book that was left on one of the stools. This will cause the cutscene to be called before the King to occur. Simon will perform an array of tricks, eventually ending in the King begging him to do no more in return for the job. Simon comes out with the ID of Royal Wizard
  • Exit to the right to reach the World Map and select Castle.



  • Once there, Give Money to the Guards ("Sure, here you go.") and Show Wizard ID to the Gatekeeper
  • You will encounter the Prince, saying the following: "In about 6070 years, maybe.", "What’s with the peashooter?", and "Peashooters aren’t a very princely weapon, are they?"
  • Open the Door and Enter the Castle
  • Once inside, Pick up the Cymbals which are sitting on the small table

  • The left door leads to the Princess and her mattress problem, and the door on the right leads to the Nursery, with a baby that’s crying nonstop.
  • Exit to the left to have a talk with the King, saying "What happened to her?". The King offers to give you the rest of the day off when you’re done.
  • Proceed left, and Look at the Royal Seal (literally, the animal)
  • Use Fish on Royal Seal, and it’ll jump into your hat and into your inventory
  • Exit the Throne Room, and Enter the Nursery
  • Use Wedge on Cradle
  • Pick up Cog, which is up above the window, Football Rattle in the Playpen, and Klaxon next to the Playpen

  • Over in the next room, you can try any of the noisemaker items on the Princess, but it won’t wake her up.
  • Exit the Castle and proceed to the World Map. Select Mucswamplings.



  • Go inside and Wear the Costume
  • In the Kitchen, Use Cog with the Clock, which fixes it. Go upstairs.

  • Talk to the Swampling, saying "Who are those two little critters in the corner?", "What happened to you since the first game?", "That’s fine, I’ve got time." to find out how your friend became famous.
  • Look at and Talk to the Baby Swamplings. If you want, try to Pick up the Milk the little girl is holding and you’ll make the poor little critters cry.
  • Go back down to the main Restaurant area, and you’ll notice the Tattooist is gone now.
  • Exit MucSwamplings and go to the World Map, select Tattooist.



  • Enter the Tattoo Parlor. If you tell the Tattooist you don’t want a tattoo or aren’t sure, Simon will automatically pick up a leaflet on the way out. If you say you want one, he tells you it’s going to cost $400. We don’t have that kind of money! Note, there’s a Poster that says there’s a free tattoo to the 1,000th customer. There’s the Anorak Man back at MucSwamplings that could use a selfesteem boost…
  • Exit the Tattooist and go to the World Map and back to MucSwamplings



  • Enter the Restaurant
  • Give the Leaflet to Anorak Man
  • Exit MucSwamplings, and back to Tattooist on the World Map



  • So it looks like Anorak got his very manly "MOM" tattoo… Enter the Tattoo Parlor and surprise! You’re the 1000th customer! The Tattooist will ask you what you’d like, respond with the following: "I dunno. What’s the choice?" and "How about the jewelencrusted crown and a pair of crossed enchanted swords?"
  • Remember, there’s a 24 hour return policy if you mess up or want another one done later. For now, exit to the World Map and select Swamp as your destination



  • Proceed to the left and Talk with the Lady of the Lake, Simon will automatically show her the Royal Seal, and she’ll run off for her date, leaving behind Wet Suit and Air Tanks. Pick up both.
  • Use Air Tanks with Rubber Dinghy
  • Use Rubber Dinghy to reach the shore of the Island
  • Pick up the Sword, and Simon will pull the Sword from the Rock. (Note, if you read the sign, you’ll know why you needed the tattoo in the first place)

  • Exit to the left via Using the Dinghy. Once back to the Swamp Shore, enter the Sewers. Once inside, proceed to the right and climb the ladder to find yourself next to the Loan Office.
  • Exit to the right to access the World Map, and head to the Castle



  • Enter the Castle Gate
  • Give the Sword to the Prince. In return, you’ll get Peashooter and Pea
  • Enter the Castle, and enter the left bedroom with the Princess
  • Use Pea on Mattresses to awaken the Princess
  • When speaking with her, saying the following: "Don’t you mean ‘What time is it?’", and "Got any ideas how to keep the baby quiet?" The Princess will throw a Lolly on the ground and tell you to remove the Pea

  • Pick up the Lolly, exit her bedroom, and enter the Nursery
  • Give the Lolly to the Baby, and it will throw it out the Window. So much for that!
  • Exit to the Courtyard where the Prince is and Pick up the Lolly

  • Exit to the World Map and go to MucSwamplings



  • Enter the Restaurant and Wear the Costume
  • Proceed upstairs and Give Lolly to the Baby Swamplings. They’ll drop the Milk they were holding and Simon will automatically Pick it up.
  • Exit the Restaurant and go to the World Map, and the Castle



  • Proceed inside the Castle, and into the Nursery
  • Give Milk to the Baby. It’ll drink it, and give it back to you before falling asleep. Finally!



Finding the Mucusade


  • Exit the Nursery and proceed left to where the King is, then enter the Arched Passage
  • After climbing the Stairs, Look at the Pentagram on the Floor, and click on the Treasury Door. Two Demons from the last game will appear, and they’re not too happy with Simon.
  • Say the following: "Excuse me. I’m going to inspect the treasury", "Whatever happened to forgive and forget?", "What sort of work?", and "Spare me the details, will you?". The Demons will shove Simon down the stairs.
  • Enter the Passage again and climb the stairs. At the top, Use Swamp Shake on the Pentagram, and the Demons will fight and get stuck. Look at the Window to see the whole city, and exit the Castle to World Map, go to Street of Traders.


Street of Traders

  • Use the Balloon on the Railings near the Ironmonger

  • Exit the area and go to MucSwamplings. Ask for another Balloon, then return to Street of Traders and Use it on the Railings. Do this until there’s three Balloons. Simon will automatically float away after tying up the third one, and float to the Treasury Room of the Castle



  • Look at either Sarcophagus or the Rug to activate a trapdoor that will drop you in the Treasury
  • Pick up the box of Mucusade

  • Open the Door, and you’ll see the Demons still block the path. Enter the Tube to the right.
  • Up in the Sarcophagus room, go to the Window, and Simon will float with the Balloons again, only a bird flies along and pops them. You’ll land in front of the Castle. It’s time to access the World Map to get to Calypso’s… Right? Nope, Simon gets lost and…




  • Simon awakens to find himself on Long John Silver’s pirate ship. Talk to the Captain, saying "Have you got any food? I’m really hungry"
  • Use the Spell Book on the Chains to free Simon
  • Pick up the Skull, and Eyepatch will be added to your Inventory

  • Try to Climb the Stairs: this will trigger the Captain coming down. Say the following: "Er… nowhere?" and after a long, drawnout conversation full of interruptions, the Captain will inform you he’s looking for a new Cabin Boy. If you can do a decent job, you just might not have to walk the Plank, afterall.


Captain’s Cabin

  • Look at the Diary, and Pick up the Postcard of Calamari Bay automatically

  • Pick up Parrot, which is located on the right
  • Exit to the left to reach the Crew Quarter


Crew Quarter

  • Once on the Deck, Open the Door on the right.
  • Pick up Knife, which is stuck in the Dart Board

  • Use Knife on Hammock, Pick up Tinderbox and exit the Crew Quarter



  • Talk to the Pirate who is coiling the rope, saying: "Wha’dya we swap your shades for my eye patch?" You will automatically acquire Shades
  • Go to the left, and behind the Pirate hammering on the Plank. Push/Move him.

  • Pick up Plank, Nails, and Hammer
  • Enter through the door on the left (below the Sleeping Pirate) to enter the Hold again



  • Talk to the Tough Looking Guy, saying "You don’t happen to have a welding torch on you by any chance?"
  • You will receive the Welding Torch
  • Go back to the Stairs to the Deck



  • Use the Welding Torch on the Chain (on the right part of the Deck). The Captain will come out and warn you to stay away from that Door before going back into his Cabin

  • Use Plank on the Door where the Captain came from, and Simon will use the Hammer and Nails to make sure he doesn’t come back out
  • Use Welding Torch on Chain. Simon will automatically put on the Shades.
  • Open the Door, and Pick up the Mucusade

  • Now, Use the Rigging to climb up to the Crow’s Nest

  • Once up there, Use Postcard on the Telescope and go back down. (Note: the Telescope can be very difficult to find because it is so small. Refer to the screenshot for the exact location).
  • Proceed to the right and up the steps to the Helm



  • Talk to the Bosun, saying "And you must be the one who steers the ship?", "So it tells you where to go, does it?", "You mean like a compass?", and "I suppose it saves all the mucking about with star charts?"
  • Use Parrot from your inventory on the blue Parrot. It’s having a hard time staying up, so Use Swamp Gum on Parrot, and exit to the left. Simon will rest, and meanwhile thug creatures trash Calypso’s place searching for Simon. Simon awakes, only to find the ship under siege, and falls into the water, and ends up washing up on…


The Island


  • All your Inventory will be gone now, with the exception of the Postcard
  • Pick up the Shovel

  • Go to the right, and you’ll find the Beachcomber pick up your Mucusade. You can talk to the Beachcomber, but it’s not going to make any difference.
  • Pick up the Towel and enter the Jungle (path going up)



  • Pick up the Wooden Pole

  • Talk to the Kid. Give the Balloon to the Kid (gift icon, balloon, then kid). You’ll receive the Seashell
  • Enter the Cave, taking the path beneath the large Café sign



  • Pick up the Bottle, and the Genie will appear. Say "You could say ‘You’ve got 3 wishes, master’" and "I wish I had my mucusade back". There’s other options you can choose from, but eventually you’ll have to say "Forget it, I can’t think of what to wish for at the moment."

  • Make your way back to the Beach



  • Use Wooden Pole on Shovel. Use Shovel, and Simon will build a huge sand castle.
  • Use Towel on Hole next to the newly finished sand castle, and Use Shell on Towel.
  • Talk to the Beachcomber, and watch what unfolds. Great! Pick up the Mucusade

  • Head back into the Jungle



  • Take the upper path to the Café, and you will meet a Fierce Dog. Pick up the Fierce Dog and Simon will automatically transform him into a nice Dog
  • Proceed to the Café



  • Talk to the Waitress, saying "Sure. With milk and two sugars."
  • Simon will drink the coffee and fall asleep. Meanwhile, Sordid loses control of his temporary body and dissolves into a ghost again. Pan back to Simon, who wakes up after a nap.
  • Talk to the Waitress, and ask for another cup of Coffee. You’ll save this one for later. Exit the Café, and take the lower path into the Jungle



  • Pick up the Whistle lying in the road, and the Dealer will automatically spark a conversation with you. Reply "Yo! What’s happening, man? How’s it hanging? Word up!", "Word, brother. Got any salmon?", "Caffeine?" and "I haven’t got any Bungas"
  • Pick up the Whistle finally


Torture Machine

  • Take the uppermost path from the Dealer, and you’ll encounter the sacrificial Man. Talk with him, saying "What’ya doing up there?", "I dunno. Why don’t you enlighten me?" and "What did you do to get put up there?"
  • Move to the left until you find the Generator. Use Dog on it, and head back

  • Move the Lever to the "On" position, and then Use the Whistle and watch the Torture! Proceed to the right out of the area, and then take the lower left path by the Dealer


Limbo Contest

  • Talk to the Judge, saying "Ok, then."
  • Use the Whistle and the torture sounds will distract everyone while Simon cheats. Simon claims 3 Bungas. Go back to the Dealer



  • Talk to the Dealer. Simon will automatically trade the Bungas and get the Caffeine Tablets
  • Go to the Cave with the Genie below the Café sign



  • Use Caffeine Tablets on Coffee
  • Use Coffee on the Bottle
  • Pick up the Bottle, saying "I wish I was back at Calypso’s Shop."



  • Simon returns to Calypso’s, only to find the Wizard tied up and gagged, and his granddaughter Alix kidnapped. Simon’s not interested in helping Calypso, and tries to transport home, but Calypso’s tampered with the wardrobe, and will only let Simon go home if he helps Alix. To help Simon get to Sordid, Masala the Lion (previously Alix’s pet) appears, and the two leave to Sordid’s. When Simon does arrive, he lands in a horde of Goblins, and wakes up in the Fortress of Doom.



The Fortress of Doom


  • Click anywhere to wake up Simon
  • Open the Door, but it’s locked. Alix will give Simon her Hairgrip, and he successfully opens the Door, knocking out Runt and running into another Simon. Other Simon gives Simon a sort of sapling, and Simon is transported just outside the Goblin Camp
  • Exit the area to the right


Dark Woods

  • Talk to the Kid, and he will mime that he’s hungry. He won’t give you the Magnifying Lens though. Continue to the right.
  • At the Antiques shop, Look at the Antiques, and Woodworm will appear. Talk to them, saying "Sorry, guys. You caught me by surprise.", "How are you going to achieve these changes?", "Violence won’t solve anything, you know", "Enough of this idle banter. What’s going on here?", "Alright then. How much are they?" and "I’ll see what I can do." If you bring them wood, they’ll make you an ornamental figurine.
  • Exit and continue to the right until you reach a Cave, and enter it.
  • Inside the Cave, you’ll encounter three Witches: one has trouble speaking, one has trouble hearing, and one has trouble seeing. Simon accidentally steps on their Cat’s tail, and it runs out of the Cave.
  • Talk to the Witches, saying "Got any spare potions knocking about?", "Would you care to go into a bit more detail please?" and "I came because there’s bound to be something I need here" They’re going to need some help making that Potion…
  • Exit and continue to the left until you arrive back at the big Map, and select Volcano Rim


Volcano Rim

  • Pick up the Chemical Spray and Plant Spotter Guide Book
  • Exit back to the Map, and select Secluded Hut


Secluded Hut

  • Upon entering, you’ll run into a group of Role players. Say "I’m a wizard", "I want to know what’s going on here." and "So I was right. It is a geek convention"
  • Close the Door, this is important! If you don’t, the Cat will run out again. If it does, you can always find it back at the Cave, and when you scare it, it will always end back up at the Secluded Hut.
  • Pick up the Hanky, the Soda, and the Drinking Straw (comes with the Soda)

  • Pick up the Cat and Open the Door to exit to the Map. Select Volcano Rim


Volcano Rim

  • Use Cat on Plant
  • Use Soda with Drinking Straw. Simon will automatically drink the Soda and get an Empty Bottle
  • Use Empty Bottle on Saliva on the ground to get Plant Dribble
  • Exit to the Map and go to the Secluded Hut


Secluded Hut

  • Pick up three more Sodas
  • Exit to the Map, select Goblin Camp


Goblin Camp

  • Use Plant Dribble on Goblet (either one)

  • Talk to the Goblins, and they will fall back asleep, allowing you to pass
  • Pick up the Conch Horn above the further Goblin before continuing through

  • Enter the big Tent and Pick up the Pepper and the Food Ration, exit the Tent
  • Talk to the imprisoned Elf, saying "I dunno. I left my diary at home", "Are you an elf by any chance?", "If you’re an elf then you must be a shoemaker, yes?" and "One would be honoured to assist you, o noble elf". He’ll give you the empty Perfume Bottle. If you retrieve perfume for him, he’ll give you a piece of wood.
  • Use Soda on Perfume Bottle, and Use Pepper on the Elf. Quickly Give Hankie and Perfume Bottle to the Elf. He’ll be grateful and give you the Wood. If you’re not fast enough, you can always try to redo the sequence over again as much as you need to.
  • Exit to the left and you’ll encounter 2 Goblins gambling.

  • Use Soda on the Fire, and quickly Pick up Goblin Stuff in front of the larger one. A fight will occur. Pick up Dice that they leave behind. You’ll find you’ve got an Empty Bottle in your inventory now. Exit to the Map and select Dark Woods as your next destination.


Dark Woods

  • Give the Food Ration and the Soda to the Kid. He will bloat hugely, dropping the Magnifying Glass. Pick it up and add it to your inventory.

  • Continue to the right until you reach the Woodworm. Give them the Wood, and they’ll give you Wooden Teeth. Continue right into the Witches Cave
  • Give the Magnifying Glass to the Witch who has trouble seeing.
  • Give the Conch Horn to the Witch who has trouble hearing
  • Give the Wooden Teeth to the Witch that has no teeth
  • The Witches will finish the potion, which will turn the drinker into a dog. Use the Empty Bottle on the Potion to get some.
  • Exit the area by moving left to access the map, and select Secluded Hut


Secluded Hut

  • Use Potion on Role players. One of them will turn into a dog. When they talk to you, respond with "I’ll do it" and later "D’you mind if I use my own dice?" You will win a Catalogue from the Roleplay.
  • Exit and select Goblin Camp as your destination


Goblin Camp

  • Enter the Camp and continue to the left until you encounter the giant Skull and Ribs with a Cave opening below the Skull. Try to enter, but the two flying Pigs guard the doorway from the inside and won’t let you pass. Tell them "Hold on, I think we’re getting off on the wrong trotter." and "I’ve just remembered I’m here on important business." The guards will ask if you’re the interior decorator. Simon will show them the Catalogue, and the guards will allow him to enter.



  • Pick up the Tapestry on the right wall, and enter the Stairway on the left

  • You can attempt to gather Goblin Sweat via the Empty Bottle, but there’s not enough. Use Tapestry on Sweat.
  • After soaking up the Sweat, Use Tapestry on Chemical Sprayer. Now the Chemical Sprayer has Goblin Sweat.
  • Move the Lever, and the lights will turn off (but you’re going to want them on for now)
  • Enter the northern/top passage. Simon will encounter Unpronounceable and fall into pieces. Click on him to bring him back to life, and when talking with Unpronounceable, say "So… Are you going to let me past?" and "What is your line of work, exactly?" and "Lovely talking with you. Let’s do it again sometime. Bye." Simon will automatically exit.
  • Reenter the room and try to sneak up the Stairs. Unpronounceable will awaken, and Simon leaves.
  • Again reenter the room, this time Wear the Puppy, and Simon will turn him into a pair of Furry Shoes (Hush Puppies!). He will try to sneak past again, but to no avail, and exit the room automatically.
  • Go back to the room with the running Goblin, and Move the Lever to turn off the power

  • Enter one last time. Use Chemical Spray, and then Wear Furry Shoes to successfully sneak past Unpronounceable.
  • In the next room, enter the door to the right and Simon will automatically climb a staircase.
  • In the room with Runt, Look at the Palm Print Identifier
  • Pick up the Screwdriver

  • Go to the right of the screen, and Use Screwdriver on Sordid’s Hand, and go back to the left.
  • Use Sordid’s Hand in the Palm Print Identifier, the Case beside it will open

  • Pick up Time Stick, and walk back to the left side of the screen. Runt will confront you.


What happens next? Well, the ending of course! Sit back and enjoy the final movie scenes. Will Simon make it out this time, or will Sordid prevail? To be continued…