I would like to personally introduce you to our newest feature on Gamezebo: Facebook Connect.

What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect allows you to connect your Facebook and Gamezebo accounts together so you can better interact with your Gamezebo friends on Facebook and share your Gamezebo activities on your Wall with your friends on Facebook.

You can also sign into Gamezebo with your Facebook account.

Why did we add this feature to Gamezebo?

Based on a recent user survey, over 70% of all Gamezebo users have Facebook accounts. Moreover, the majority of our users are active Facebook users, logging into your Facebook accounts at least once per day.

It seemed only natural to connect the best features of Facebook and Gamezebo together!

How it Works?

Once you connect your Facebook and Gamezebo accounts together, you can share your Gamezebo activities on your Facebook Wall for all your friends to see, including:

  • Your user reviews: Post your user reviews of games for your friends to read on Facebook.
  • Your forum topics: Tell your Facebook friends when you create a forum topic and invite them to discuss.
  • Your game downloads: Playing the latest and greatest casual game online? Now you can tell your friends all about it! Share with your friends the games you have downloaded and are playing through Gamezebo.

You will always have the option not to share (we’ll ask) and you can log out at any time.

Sounds great. Let’s get started!

Connecting your Gamezebo and Facebook accounts is quick and easy. You just need to know what your Facebook user name and password is.

I am already a Gamezebo member:

  • First, if you are logged into Gamezebo already, log out of your Gamezebo account
  • Click to “Sign into Gamezebo” in the upper right hand corner of the Gamezebo web site.
  • Click “Connect with Facebook” and enter your Facebook account information. Next, enter your Gamezebo user name and password.

Viola! You have now connected your Gamezebo and Facebook accounts together! You will now have the option to share your user reviews, topics created, and games downloaded on Facebook.

I am not yet a Gamezebo member, but I do have a Facebook account:

  • You can now log into Gamezebo with your Facebook account information.
  • Click “Sign up for Gamezebo” (upper right hand corner of this page).
  • Click “Connect with Facebook” and enter your Facebook account information
  • Next, create a Gamezebo user name.

What else can I do with Gamezebo and Facebook?

In addition to Facebook Connect, Gamezebo is planning to add a lot more coverage for social games on Facebook as well to update its Facebook Fan Page more.

If you have not yet joined our Facebook Fan Page, do it now. We’ll be offering a lot more prizes and contests for free games on our Facebook page and our own web site (for those non-Facebook members) in the future (hint hint).

This is just the first of many changes we plan to add to Gamezebo in the coming year. We have received your feedback loud and clear on what new features you want to see on Gamezebo and we plan on adding as much as we can.

Thanks again for all the support. If you have any questions, requests, or to report bugs or issues, email us.