PlayFirst’s forthcoming game title, DinerTown Detective Agency (DTDA), combines a virtual world of intrigue and mystery with a uniquely tongue-in-cheek spin! The hidden object game is set in DinerTown where things seem mysteriously at odds and the inhabitants are turned upside down by a string of strange occurrences. 

In the game, players use the items found at various crime scenes, using the naked eye and forensic tools from the detective kit, to narrow a list of suspects and ID several culprits. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll take a look at some of the key themes in the game that come together to make this title a fun and exciting addition to your game library. This week we learn more about the game’s unmistakable satirical theme from PlayFirst game producer, Ryan Sindledecker.

The quirky style and spoofy approach unique to DTDA has been personally inspired by media such as The Private Eyes, a 1980 comedy starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway about two blundering detectives intent on solving a murder although the game does have a more bouncy and light hearted side. 

The Scooby Doo cartoon series was also a subtle influence as the game similarly presents a "whodunnit" reveal at the end of each case.

Our design team, led by creative director, Kenny Shea Dinkin, was determined to thread this unique satirical humor through every aspect of the game including design, color, storyline, dialog, music and characters."

We wanted players to feel the comic intent in every part of the game experience so even if you’re in the middle of solving the challenging mystery of "King Butt", you’re constantly aware of the humorous undercurrent through the lighthearted music, the consistently funny visual references and the double entendre of the case title itself!

We worked in tandem with Ukrainian game developer, Absolutist who contributed to the artwork and design with the help of a key artist with significant comic book expertise – a theme that comes across vividly in the magazine covers that symbolize the completion of every case.

Bernie the Bookworm’s curious character comes to the fore in DinerTown Detective Agency as he crusades to solve several puzzling cases including "Who stuck their finger in all the jelly donuts?" and "Who’s ordering pizzas to my house from the worst place in town?"

Stay tuned to find out how Bernie holds vital clues for players in the next installment of our DTDA blog!

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