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Welcome to our walkthrough for Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas.

The newest title in the Dream Day Wedding series, Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas is a hidden object title with lots of variation in gameplay, with over 1,000 hidden objects to find. As such though, many of the object lists in the game are randomized, so your game’s specifications may not line up with the walkthrough. However, use this guide as a basis to find many of the items that separate play-throughs have in common.

Throughout the guide, unless otherwise noted, golden dice (collect to get extra hints) and Palladium gift cards will be circled and marked in gold. Dice and gift card locations may also change, but are usually within a certain area. Don’t click too fast in the game or you will lose time off the clock.

The numbers next to the level names (i.e. 0/16) refer to how many objects you need to find in a given area. If you save and quit your game having found objects in a level but not finishing it, next time you start the game that will appear next to the level name (i.e. Hotel Lobby 7/16). Anything without a number or note next to it is considered a puzzle level.

Due to the casual and non-linear nature of the levels, they have been lined up in the guide according to the most likely probability in which you will play them. If you need help on a particular area of the guide, to locate where you are quickly without having to scroll and search, use Ctrl+F. This will open up a small search bar in your browser window. Type in a keyword (i.e. Rubber duck, Palladium Casino, etc) and click "find next" to scroll through the results in the guide. This will help you locate your needed area much quicker and easier. That being said, have fun gaming!


Hotel Lobby 0/16

Find the luggage for your party. Each person’s luggage is marked with a specific-colored tag. There are also golden dice you can pick up to use as hints in case you get stuck.


Your Room

Click on various objects to interact with them.

  • The Present: Click on the present box twice to find a cellphone inside. Click on the cellphone to add it to your inventory.
  • The Champagne: Click the cork of the champagne bottle a few times until it pops. Once it pops, pick up the key lying on the floor by clicking on it.
  • The Cabinet: Click on the cabinet lock. You will enter a zoomed view. Click and drag the key (in the left menu inventory) onto the lock to open the cabinet. Click on the pink envelope to find a letter from the Wedding Concierge and a couple complementary tickets for wedding decor.
  • The phone will ring. Pick it up and click "OK" to unlock the next area!


Reception Site 0/16

You’ll need to find a total of 16 items to clear this area.


Palladium Casino 0/20


Kelsey’s Room 0/14

Find the 14 objects on the list to finish this level. But uh-oh, what’s this? Either when you’re looking for your last object or the timer reaches a certain point (provided you’re being timed), Trapped! The bathroom door will shut behind you and the lights go out! Turn on the light.

Once the lights are on, try to open the door. The handle will come loose and you’ll have to find the screws. One is on the floor, and you’ll have to click on the grate to find the other stuck underneath. Pick up the magnet on the edge of the bath and the dental floss up on the self above: combine them by dragging one over the other in your inventory. Click on the grate and use the magnet+dental floss to fish out the second screw. Combine both screws with the doorknob. Pick up the nail file to screw them in and click on the doorknob to escape, where you can finish finding your objects. (Note: You can choose to skip the puzzle at the cost of losing four minutes off the clock).


Vivienne’s Boutique 0/20

Upon entering, respond with either answer. Vivienne will give you a coupon for 50 Palladium points.

At some point, Debbie may call and exclaim she found some of the brides bags in her room, allowing a few items you’re looking for to be crossed off the list.


Conservatory 0/15


Reception Site

This is a special area of the game where you can set up and upgrade the reception for the bride and groom. Use Palladium points you’ve acquired to purchase upgrades. The first time you enter this area, you should be able to purchase all the upgrades possible. Purchase all available to finish decor, for now!


Palladium Casino (Message Icon)

Here you can earn extra Palladium points to use at the reception site. The game you’re playing is called Tally 21. The goal of this game is to create hands of 21. Drag cards into any one of the 4 above slots. Drag another card on top of one of those cards to add more to the number. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 each. Aces are worth either 1 or 11: the game will auto decide. You can discard a maximum of three cards by dragging them to the card area below. Another way to win this game is to create a pile of 5 cards or more that equal less than 21. Winning the mini-game means winning Palladium points! You can exit and continue with the main part of the gameplay anytime. You have 30 minutes worth of time to play in the casino and earn Palladium points.


Bakery 0/18

Pick up the recipe to read what you’ll have to do here. First, find six eggs and twelve pieces of chocolate scattered throughout the kitchen.

Once you’ve gathered everything, pick up the raspberries, chocolate, eggs, and pie platter (in the sink).

  • Melt the chocolate by clicking on the silver bowl in the foreground. Flip the switch to melt the chocolate and then move the bowl to your inventory.
  • Click on the Mixer and move the eggs and the chocolate into it. Flip the switch to mix the ingredients.
  • Click the pie pan and move it into the same frame as the mixer. Move the mix from the mixer into the pie pan.
  • Click on the oven and insert the pie pan. Turn it on to cook and remove the pie when finished.
  • Click on the white plate at the right of the screen. Put the cooked pie on the plate and drag the raspberries over top. The tart is perfect!


Oasis Pool 0/16

At one point of the level, your cell phone will ring. Pick it up and Debbie will ask you to find a couple more items (added to the list accompanied by a * next to the number).


Reception Site (Urgent)

A windstorm has passed through, wrecking the reception area! Find all 14 objects in the list in under five minutes to avert disaster and be able to design a new bouquet for the bride!


Reception Site

The bride will give you Palladium points to help pay for a new bouquet. At the reception site, click "create bouquet" to design your own bouquet for the bride! Anything you like best goes, click "buy" at the end. You should have plenty of Palladium points, so go ahead and upgrade the gazebo and music while you’re at it. Click done to exit back to the map!


Lobby 0/20

Your phone will start ringing once you enter the lobby. (Note: you cannot pick up keys before answering the phone). Kelsey’s asked you to pick up a jewelry list in her room. While you’re hunting for room keys, a woman will enter. Ask how you can help her and mention you’re a wedding planner, and she’ll give you 100 extra Palladium points. Most of the room keys can be found in the lobby, but click on the fish tank to open a separate window to find the last 7.


Kelsey’s Room

Here you’ll find a note addressed to you, saying everything you need to unlock the jewelry box is in this room. There are leaf, diamond, and heart shapes hidden throughout the room. You need to find a total of twenty objects matching any of those three shapes. In the end, the number of each you find will tell you the combination to the jewelry box: 5, 9, 6. Inside is a list of the jewelry to be used in the wedding.


Sebastian Fine Jewelry

Here you can pick out jewelry for the wedding party on the list. Click on one of the jewelry cases (i.e., the earring case). You will be shown four trays of earrings, one after the other. Click on the two pieces of jewelry that match. Take into consideration size, color, and pattern, as most of these pieces are very similar. Once you pick out four pairs, you’ve completed the level!



Upon entering the bakery, talk to the chef. Chances are he’s going to sneak a piece of Cheesecake from the fridge and you’ll have to pay 25 Palladium points for it. Click on the pictures scattered across the counter. You’ll have to compare and find 7 differences on each of the cakes. Afterwards, you’ll get a call from Debbie asking you to help them pick out souvenirs.


Fortuna Theatre

First, flip the lever on the left of the curtains and listen to the bells chime. Follow the path of the pipes from the bells down to the buttons below, and click on the buttons in the order the bells chimed (Note: order is randomized, but here are the bell numbers and their corresponding buttons going from left to right: 1-3, 2-4, 3-4, 4-1.) The curtain will open. Pick up the note, which is a list of items for you to find.


Your Room


Gabe’s Souvenir Heaven!

Part way through the level, you will become Trapped! Inside a phone booth. Click on the phone, and click the return change lever to get a quarter. Pick up the string on top of the yellow pages, and pick up the gum on the window sill.

Combine the three in your inventory, click on the phone, and drag the item over top the quarter slot. Dial the phone number on the wall: 555-1313 to active the security monitor. Click on the monitor and scroll right using the right arrow to find the store help number: dial 555-2002. You’ve escaped! Later, the groom will call and say you can cross a few items off your list.


Palladium Casino

A new casino game is available for you to play. This one’s called Perfect Match Plus. Click on the blue slot-looking machine towards the left.

The object of this game is to match the tiles. Click on a tile to reveal a picture, and then other to see the other tile’s picture. Try to match the pictures on the various tiles. If you find a tile with a picture of a joker on it, the next tile you click on it will automatically find its match. You have 12 minutes to play and win the game, or you can skip it. Completing the game will get you 100 extra Palladium points!


Reception Site

Time for another round of wedding upgrades! You should have plenty of Palladium points to go ahead and purchase all the upgrades possible. You can also choose to alter the wedding bouquet if you choose. Click "finish" when you’re all done!


Lonardo’s Gelato Shop 0/8

Find yellow gelato cups scattered around the scene and drag them onto the ice cream flavors on the list on the left.

When you reach chocolate, you’ll notice that the ice cream tub is empty. Click on the chocolate in the storage room to become, uh-oh, trapped! Inside the storage room is a shelf filled with 20 kinds of ice cream. Your job is to arrange them into alphabetical order. Look at the icons and arrange them into the following order: 1.Apple, 2.Banana, 3.Blueberry, 4.Cherry, 5.Chocolate, 6.Coffee, 7.Grape, 8.Kiwi, 9.Lemon, 10.Lime, 11.Mango, 12.Orange, 13.Peach, 14.Peanut Butter, 15.Pear, 16.Pineapple, 17.Pumpkin, 18.Raspberry, 19.Strawberry, 20.Vanilla. Once you’ve finished (see screenshot below), click on the lock pad and add the number of Pear and Lime together: 25, and press enter to escape!

When you’ve finally gathered all the gelato on your list, you’ll get a call. Click on the phone to get an order of two more gelato cups!


Bistro Mémoire 0/16

When you begin this level, the items you need to find will be in French! You can either find the dictionary right off the bat, or try your luck with French. The dictionary is outlined in red.


Oasis Pool 0/16


Art Gallery 0/32

Click on the leftmost painting to play this level.


Conservatory 0/15

At one point, a little girl named Morgan will show up. Say hi and offer to wait with her until her parents come back. You’ll spend 100 Palladium points on food and entertainment for her.


Palladium Casino

Debbie’s favorite slot machine is out, and it’s your job to repair it. Click on the side of the blue error-screened machine. The goal is to add up numbers to get the goal number on the screen. Your possible numbers are 4, 15, 10, 4, and 1. Here are the solutions to the following problems:

  • 20: 15 + 4 + 1
  • 16: 15 + 1
  • 8: 4 + 4
  • 19: 15 + 4
  • 8: 4 + 4



We’re back at the bakery to match cake pictures. Click on the scattered pictures on the counter, and then find the differences between each of the cake pictures.


Vivienne’s Boutique 0/20

Find the casino chips. A helpful hint is to remember it’s likely that each casino chip will be hidden in an area with its corresponding color: example, a blue chip on a blue dress.

(Note: Golden Dice and the bonus Palladium Points are marked with pink instead of orange/gold due to the orange chips).


Bistro Mémoire 0/10


Bakery (Urgent)

There’s been a disaster in the bakery, and they need your help to finish the cake! Click and drag on each of the listed/missing objects onto the cake to complete it.


Reception Site

After helping avert the cake disaster, you’ll get more bonus Palladium points from the bride and groom. You should have enough Palladium points to upgrade everything at the reception site, so go ahead! You also have the opportunity to design and customize the wedding cake: whatever you like best! Click done when you’re finished.


Lonardo’s Gelato Shop 0/10

Find the yellow gelato cups and drag them over the proper flavors to complete this level. The list of flavors is in Italian however, but you can find the dictionary to translate it to English. Hint: if you want to try it in Italian, the names in Italian can be found next to the proper icons on the menu board below the gelato shop sign. The dictionary is marked in red.


Fortuna Theatre 0/13

The trick twist to this level is that you’ll have to find all the items on the list in order. Part way through, you’ll encounter a mime. Choose options to ignore and avoid him, otherwise you’ll have to pay him 250 Palladium points to be left alone.


Gabe’s Souvenir Heaven! 0/12

There’s 12 items to find here, but the item words and names have been jumbled! The first letter is correct, but you’ll have to figure out the rest. Here are the names so you won’t have to unscramble them: 1.Top hat, 2.Clock, 3.Guitar, 4.Pipe, 5.Magic Lamp, 6.Skull, 7.Radio, 8.Medal, 9.Train, 10.Sphinx, 11.Camera, 12.Kettle.


Art Gallery 0/14

Click on the middle painting to start this puzzle.

When you find "Latch" on the list, you will become trapped in a secret room behind the painting! The painting on the wall is the key to getting out. Find the six metal pieces hidden throughout the room, and then click on the picture.

Drag the pieces onto the picture and assemble them so they all fit together. You’ve escaped! Now you can finish finding the objects hidden in the painting.


Vivienne’s Boutique 0/20

At some point near the end of your list, the groom will call and let you know you can take a couple items off the list. That was helpful!


Sebastian Fine Jewelry

Click on one of the jewelry cases (i.e. Earrings). Match five pairs of jewelry, taking into consideration color, size, and pattern. Don’t forget there’s also three golden dice and a Palladium points gift card hidden in the jewelry shop separate from the matching game!


Palladium Casino

Here you can play Tally 21 again. The rules are the same as stated before. You have a little over 15 minutes to play and retry the game until you win, or you can skip it altogether. Winning the game means winning more Palladium points!


Reception Site

You have a chance to purchase more upgrades for the reception area now! You should have enough Palladium points to purchase all the upgrades, and of course, you can also choose to change/customize the bouquet or cake again. Click done to exit the area.


Bistro Mémoire 0/18

You’ll have to find the items on the list in order this time. Some items will have to be found via zooming (clicking on) the leftmost table.


Lobby 0/20

The wedding invitations have been scattered everywhere!One has been hidden in the elevator. Click on it to pick it up, but you’ll become Trapped!

Inside the elevator, pick up the loose bar on the right, the gum on the floor number screen, and the key on top of the elevator door. The key is just out of reach, so combine the bar and gum in your inventory and use it to grab the key. Use the key on the panel to open it.

Inside is a puzzle in which you’ll need to move various small tiles so that all the wires line up. You can only switch tiles within a cluster. Here’s the solution (starting and finished). Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the door will open!


Conservatory 0/15

Debbie will call part way through your search and ask you to find a couple more flowers for her, which have been added to the list:


Oasis Pool 0/16

Part way through your search, a man will walk up to you and ask if you’re the infamous wedding planner. Say you are and offer to meet the client later.


Fortuna Theater 0/6

Here you’ll encounter a new kind of search and find puzzle: there are riddles on the left you have to solve to figure out the object you’re looking for. Here’s what they mean/what you’re looking for: 1.Tuna Fish, 2.Card, 3.Clock, 4.Ice Cube, 5.Domino, 6.Mug Shot.

When you find the domino, you’ll become trapped in the basement! Click on the matches (on the bottom step below the lantern) and the lantern, dragging the matches over the lantern to light it. Click on the shelf full of items on the left. You’ll need to sort them according to color and kind in order to solve the riddle of what it’s hiding. Here’s the solution (start and finish):

Check the door: it’s locked. Pick up the poster hanging on the wall and the screwdriver on top of the box. Drag the poster and screwdriver onto the picture with the door. The screwdriver will push the key out of the keyhole. Click the poster to pull it out from under the door. Put the key in the lock and click the door knob to escape!


Gabe’s Souvenir Heaven! 0/15

You’ll need to find the items on the list here in order.


Art Gallery 0/17

Click on the painting on the right to begin the search and find game.


Sebastian Fine Jewelry

Click on one of the jewelry cases and match pairs of jewelry, just like before, taking into account color, size, and pattern. You must match 6 sets. At the end, you’ll match the wedding rings. The phone will ring: it’s the groom. Click on the rings to add them to your inventory, and click on the safe in the background on the right. Drag the rings onto the safe to safely store them and complete the level! Remember there’s three golden dice and a Palladium point bonus of 100 hidden in the jewelry store in the usual places.


Palladium Casino

You have the chance to earn more Palladium points! The game this time is the same as before: Perfect Match Plus. Match each picture/chip to its corresponding match. Matching all of the chips successfully will result in you winning more Palladium points for decor!


Kelsey’s Room (Urgent)

There’s been a mix-up with the dresses, and Kelsey, the bride, has locked herself in the bathroom because she’s so distraught. Drag items from the list (items that comfort her) to the bathroom door to get her to come out.


Reception Site

This is your last chance to decorate the reception site, so spend wisely! You may be a little short to buy all the extras, but that’s OK. You have the privilege of designing Kelsey’s bride’s dress! Once you finish, you’ll get an urgent call from Kelsey: her charm bracelet has broken, which was a gift to her, and she has to wear it for the wedding! She needs a miracle out of you since the charms are scattered throughout the resort. (Note: you can choose to still pick up golden dice and thus gain extra hints, but seeing as you only have 4 minutes to find all the charms, it might be a better idea to skip over them).


  • Vivienne’s Boutique

  • Bistro Mémoire

  • Lobby

  • Fortuna Theater

  • Gabe’s Souvenir Heaven!

  • Conservatory

  • Oasis Pool


Reception Site

Return to the reception site, only to find the groom is missing! He went to go get the wedding rings. Time to track him down..


Sebastian Fine Jewelry

There’s a corsage on the floor- the groom is trapped inside the safe! Pick up the screwdriver and the listening device.

Use the screwdriver on the phone and pick up the speaker. Combine the speaker and the listening device in your inventory. Click on the security panel/use the screwdriver on the left. Solve the puzzle of rotating all the circuits by clicking on them so the safe alarm becomes disables. Here’s the start and end solution:

Click on the safe itself, and use the listening device to crack the safe. Click on each numbered dial until the meter jumps and makes a noise. The combination is 7 – 3 – 6 – 9 (possibly randomized). The groom is freed!


Reception Site

Go back to the reception site to enjoy the wedding and numerous quotes about love. Click "close" when you’re done reading through them. The bride and groom were so happy, they’ve booked the High Roller Suite for you for the rest of your stay! Click "done" when you’re done in the reception area.


High Roller Suite 0/15

Enter your suite to find all sorts of gifts and thank-you’s left for you! Find and open all of them!

After finding and opening all of them, the concierge will arrive with a new laptop. The mysterious man you spoke with at the pool wants your help in making an amazing proposal happen, and promises to hire you as wedding planner if you pull it off.


Vacation! 0/16


Congratulations! You’ve finished the game! You can revisit the High Roller Suite or the Reception Site on your current profile, or create a new one and play through again. Remember, there are two honeymoon destinations to see!