PlayFirst has announced three brand new games that will be launching later this year: Passport to Perfume, Gemini Lost, and Avenue Flo.

According to PlayFirst, Passport to Perfume is a unique mash-up of time management, hidden object, and sim gameplay that will introduce the player to the "adventurous world of perfume making" by allowing them to run every aspect of the business from sourcing exotic ingredients to designing their own perfumes.

Gemini Lost will put players in charge of a community of people who have been unwillingly transported to an "untamed world with limited resources" and must fend for themselves. Your role in this life simulation will be to nurture and help the community expand so that it can uncover the key to getting home. In a unique twist, the game will incorporate astrological signs in ways that effect gameplay and reflect the different traits and desires of the characters.

Avenue Flo will star Flo, the heroine of the Diner Dash series, in an adventure game set in DinerTown. The game will represent Flo’s first speaking role (yes, you’ll finally get to hear what Flo sounds like!) as she tries to save DinerTown from the worst wedding disaster it’s ever faced.

According to PlayFirst VP and Creative Director Kenny Shea Dinkin, the latest additions to the company’s line-up continues the momentum that PlayFirst has had with Wandering Willows and Emerald City Confidential – "fresh innovative content that takes creative risks and delights our fans."

"Pasport to Perfume is an elegant dip into decades past, Gemini Lost offers casual game fans a community sim game with gorgeous graphics and a compelling and mysterious story, and Avenue Flo presents the first fully-fledged adventure game set in DinerTown and starring Flo, everybody’s favorite gutsy cartoon entrepreneur," Dinkin added.

PlayFirst will release beta preview versions of Passport to Perfume and Gemini Lost today and expects to release a first peek of Avenue Flo in early June.