Codeminion has released the third SaqPack expansion pack for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah – a game that earned one of Gamezebo’s rare perfect 5-star reviews when it first launched. Far Eastern Frenzy contains 504 new levels, as well as new hidden hieroglyphs and ranks.
You can download the expansion pack for either PC or Mac for $9.95 from the Saqqarah website. (Note: You also need to own a copy of the main Ancient Quest of Saqqarah game.) Codeminion is also running a promotion where you can get Far Eastern Frenzy for free if you buy a game from the company’s GameClubCafe and follow the instructions on the promo page.

Codeminion has released two previous expansion packs for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah: the Egyptian Encounters SaqPack and the Monkey Monarchs SaqPack, both of which are still available as well.