I want to announce new features we have added to Gamezebo this week.  And, now, it all actually works! 

  • Edit User Reviews:  Ever want to change what you posted in an user review?  Or, you have played the game again and upon further reflection, you want to change the score?  Now you can simply go back to your user review and click the edit link to make changes.  Also, all user reviews require at least one star to post an user review.
  • Edit Forum Posts:  Whenever you post on our forums, you will see an "edit" link next to your post which you can click to edit.
  • Log In:  You can now log in with either your user name or email address that you signed up for.  You can change your email address within our account settings if you change your email address as well.
  • Lock Topics:  We now have the ability to lock topics on the forums in order to help navigate you to the best forum to discuss a game on the site.

These were all changes we made based on your feedback.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for Gamezebo, contact us and tell us what we can improve and how we can make Gamezebo a better place online.