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Check out our walkthrough for Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer.


  • There are two modes of play. In Rookie mode, there are no time limits or penalties for wrong clicks. In Detective Mode, you have 10 minutes to solve each investigation.
  • While in Detective mode, if you click on four incorrect objects in a row you get a 45 second penalty. If you click on at least three objects within 15 seconds, you get the Eagle Eye Bonus, which adds 30 seconds to the timer.
  • Successfully completing the Go Board challenge earns you one extra hint. To play the challenge, click on Go Boards that are hidden in certain scenes.
  • Each investigation contains one inventory puzzle, where you have to solve a clue that’s highlighted in blue on your list. Solving the clue earns you one extra hint.
  • The game does not save your progress automatically. In order to save, you have to exit to the main menu, then “Continue” your game from there.


  • The walkthrough below shows where to find the evidence, go boards and special inventory items in each scene. The other objects are random. Some scenes have more than one possible inventory puzzle, and which one you get is also random.
  • In each screenshot, evidence is circled in yellow, inventory puzzles are circled in red, and go boards are circled in blue.
  • In the Go Board screenshots, the red circle shows where you need to place the white playing piece.

Fairmount Park
Evidence: Go Bag
Stir the Pot: Click on the wooden spoon, then select it from the inventory and use it on the black pot.

Election HQ
Evidence: Voter’s Registration Card
A Stringed Instrument: Click on the violin

Go Board Solution:

Powelton Village Apartment
Evidence: A Book
A Fllamboyant Bird [sic]: Click on the flamingo on the right side of the screen next to the tree trunk.

Watered Plant: Click on the waterhose by the house, then on the tiny plant in the garden at the back of the scene.

FBI Crime Lab – Fingerprint Analysis
You have three minutes to click on five fingerprints that match Einhorn’s five fingerprints on the left.

John Taylor High School
Evidence: Class Ring
1 Pizza, Extra Cheese: Click on the piece of cheese, then select it from the inventory and use it on the pizza (circled in red).
Wake Up With It: Click on the alarm clock in the bleachers near the “Lions” sign.

Philadelphia Cafe

Evidence: Sandwich
Handwriting Sample: Click on the pencil, then select it from the inventory and use it on the notepad. Both are hidden in the large green umbrella.

FBI Crime Lab – Blood Work
This is a memory-match game. Click on blood cells to cause them to react by changing color and shape. Match blood cells of the same color and shape to clear them.

Einhorn’s Apartment: Living Room
Evidence: Diary
A Christmas Treat: Click on the candy cane sticking to the bottom right of the couch.

Go Board Solution:

Fairmount Park Revisit
Evidence: Peace Necklace
A Boxed Reptile: Click on the snake on the speakers to the right, then select it from the inventory and use it on the tiny box above the Earth Day banner.

Peace Ralley, Washington D.C.
Evidence: Bent Spoon
A Peeled Tuber: Click on the peeler just above the van near the carpet, then select it from the inventory and click on the potato, which is to the right of the large purple balloon peace sign.

Save it for a rainy day: Click on the closed black umbrella.

Neighborhood Co-Op
Evidence: Store hours
Protection from heat: Click on the blue oven mitts to the right of the door.

Einhorn’s Apartment: Living Room Revisit
Evidence: Diary
Keep on Rollin’: Click on the wagon wheel that’s blending into the yellow blind in the right-most window.

FBI Crime Lab – Fiber Analysis
You must recreate the picture by swapping tiles. Click on one tile, then click on a second one to make the two tiles swap places. When a tile has been placed in the right spot, it glows brighter than the others. The screenshot below shows what the picture looks like when it’s finished.

Fire Island
Evidence: Letter
A Slice of Melon: Click on the knife sticking out of the dock, then select it from the inventory and click on the watermelon in the lower left corner.
Get a-head: Click on the skull near the end of the dock.

Einhorn’s Apartment: Bedroom
Evidence: Handcuffs
Cute ‘n’ Cuddly: Click on the teddy bear that’s sitting on one of the bed pillows.
Rhythm Maker: Click on the drum in the right side of the scene.

GO Board Solution:

John Taylor High School Revisit
Evidence: Bench
Franklin’s Experiment: Click on the key, then select it from the inventory and use it on the red kite in the puddle on the ground.

Philadelphia Courthouse

Evidence: Purse

FBI Crime Lab – Fingerprint Analysis #2

Einhorn’s Apartment: Closet
Evidence: Necklace
A Lit Stogie: Click on the lighter next to the potted plant in the right side of the scene, then select it from the inventory and use it on the

Go Board Solution:

The Lamb and Flag, Sweden
Evidence: Document
For wrinkle free clothes: Click on the circled object below the lower right corner of the rightmost window – I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be.
Head Protection: Click on the helmet – it’s blending it with the vine on the right.

English Countryside

Evidence: Bracelet
A Prickly  Plant: Click on the cactus in the lower right corner.

FBI Crime Lab – Blood Analysis #2
Another memory match game, just like the first one.

The Lamb and Flag, Sweden Revisit
Evidence: Photograph
Place for valuables: Click on the jewelry box near the upper right corner (it’s blending in with the green vine).

Converted Windmill

Evidence: Marriage License
A Sack Lunch: Click on the hamburger in the lower left corner, then select it from the inventory and use it on the brown paper bag on the left side of the porch.

Go Board Solution:

FBI Headquarters
Evidence: Diary
Give _ a chance: Click on the peace sign in the window

Converted Windmill Revisit

Evidence: Doodlebug
Festive apparel: Click on the Santa Hat at the edge of the roof.

FBI Crime Lab – Fiber Analysis #2
Another tile puzzle, this time with more tiles. Take a look at the screenshot below for what the final picture looks like.

Houtzdale State Penitentiary
A hard-boiled food: Click on the egg in the lower right corner, then select it from the inventory and use it on the pot at the top of the screen.

Go Board Solution:

Congratulations, you’ve just beaten the game! You can play it over again and some of the items will be in different locations.