The run-down town of Greenville has seen better days, but as its newly-elected mayor you have the opportunity to reverse the environmental damage of the past and make the town more beautiful than ever by building eco-homes, applying "green" upgrades, and ushering in new environmentally-friendly jobs and industries. Plan it Green is an upcoming Build-a-lot-style building strategy game created by Gunnar Games and Merscom through a partnership with National Geographic.

Plan it Green offers 45 levels of gameplay where you’ll improve eight different neighborhoods by upgrading them with parks, eco-friendly homes and businesses, and monitoring your "Greendex," which tells you how you’re progressing towards your goal of a more sustainable environment. There will be two modes: campaign and freeplay.

Plan it Green
is launching very soon, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our review and strategy guide. In the meantime, chat about the game in out forum.