We recently checked in with the folks at Last Day of Work (Virtual Villagers, Plant Tycoon, Fish Tycoon) to learn more about their upcoming project, Virtual Families. It’s a real-time casual family sim that should appeal to fans of both Virtual Villagers and The Sims, where you get to adopt a needy person and help them meet a mate, grow a family, and pass the house on to the next generation.

You start by selecting a person to adopt from thousands of possible combinations. People are fully trainable, and you can shape their personalities by either praising them for good behaviour, or scolding them for bad behaviour.

Back at the house, you can drag the person to different things to encourage them to interact with different parts of the house, such as picking up weeds or wrappers or trying out the sinks.

Adult family members can be encouraged to work on their careers, and you’ll also have to screen incoming marriage requests to find a mate. When your adoptee has found a spouse, it’s time to expand the family. (Drop your person onto his or her spouse and cross your fingers!)

You can’t forget to feed your family by visiting the store, or to cure their illnesses when they occur.

The game features more than 100 trophies to collect, hidden puzzles for you to find around the house, changing weather, and day/night cycles that are synchronized with your computer’s clock, so that if it’s nighttime where you are, it will also be nighttime in the game.

Virtual Families uses the same technology as Virtual Villagers and runs in true real-time like all Last Day of Work games, meaning that game keeps running even after you turn it off. As you check back you might notice that things have changed, or your characters might even write you an email!

The release date of Virtual Families is still to be determined, but expect it to come out this spring. As always, check back to Gamezebo and we’ll let you know the instant the game is out. In the meantime, chat about the game in our forum.