Shape Games, a part of G5 Entertainment Group (Stand O’Food, Mahjongg Artifacts and Supermarket Mania), is releasing a new game next month: the burger cooking time management game Success Story.

You’ll start as a junior burger cook slapping together burgers and serving fries and desserts to satisfy hungry customers. If you cook well enough and manage the restaurant successfully, you’ll have the chance to challenge your bosses in mini-games and take over to become the boss of the largest fast food network in the city.

Success Story will offer 10 different restaurants, 46 levels, 7 mini-games, 10 boss characters, more than 140 burger recipes made from 12 unique burger components (such as pickles, bacon and cheese) as well as 14 additional special dishes, 12 different customer types, and 5 bonus devices.

The game will be available at the beginning of April, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our official review and strategy guide. In the meantime, you can chat about the game in our forum.