Hanako Games (Cute Knight, Fatal Hearts, Twinkle Toes Skating) is working with Spiky Caterpillar on a new role-playing game called Science Girls!, which is about a bunch of school girls fighting off an alien invasion!

According to Hanako Games:

You and your friends are having a club meeting after school one day when suddenly you hear a ruckus and discover your teachers being attacked by aliens! It’s up to you to save the day. Gather a party of up to six characters and fight for justice with the power of Science!

Hanako also told us that the game will feature a light-hearted original storyline (none of the typical world-is-coming-to-an-end doom or evil demons from beyond), and there will be many points where you get to choose how your character responds to events and to your teammates.

You’ll get to explore other worlds and dimensions while playing with fun science superpowers like Big Bang and Exponential Explosion – and thanks to a personalized character development system, you’ll get to make your favorite powers even better by choosing which skills and stats to enhance every time your charater levels up.

Science Girls! will be available for PC and Mac.