Subsoap sent us a preview of their upcoming card game, Faerie Solitaire, and it looks like solitaire fans are in for a healthy dose of fantasy and adventure alongside golf solitaire gameplay.

For those unfamiliar with "golf solitaire," it’s a less common variation of solitaire where all cards are laid out face-up in rows, and cards may be removed if they’re one rank higher or lower than the foundation card. There will be 40 levels in Faerie Solitaire – each made up of nine hands – and three modes: adventure, free play and challenge.

Adventure mode lets players follow along to fantasy story with nine hand-painted cutscenes and dialogue with full voice-over. The game also features a card deck decorated with fantasy creatures, power-ups that can be bought, various obstacles like cards that are encased in ice that can only be melted with fire cards, and unique level objectives like collecting 30,000 energy or getting at least one "Perfect" on any hand. There will also be side quests where you can play mini-games to earn extra gold, like find all of the hidden objects in a room.