What could be better than a day at the spa?So relaxing . . . so intoxicating . . . so expensive!!If you are looking for more affordable alternative, then try spending some down-time with Sally's Spa for the iPhone.

Following the ever-entrepreneurial Sally of Sally's Salon fame, we find the busy bee has opened a full service spa called (what else) Sally's Spa. Just like her hair salon, Sally is all about customer service. In the tradition of briskly-paced multi-tasking (or some call them time management) games, Sally's Spa will keep your finger busily dragging and dropping, poking and popping for hours of delightful fun.

Did you take care of your customers? They let you know when they pay for your services based on their level of satisfaction displayed in a row of hearts (more hearts means more satisfaction). You can also earn bonus cash by selling beauty products that customers purchase while waiting. To progress in the game, you must meet a minimum level of revenue. What do you do with the money you've earned? That's the really fun part. You get to buy upgrades for your spas such as extra workers who will control certain stations, which gives you more time to provide that TLC to other customers. Buy some scented candles (an upgrade), and your customers will become more patient; add herbal tea to the mix and your customers are feeling soothed and happy before they even get a treatment. There are loads of fun mini-games like Mud Masks, Hot Stones, Bath Bombs, Massages, Manicures and more.

Like Sally's Salon, Sally's Spa is a well-crafted, beautifully designed smoothly developed game that just oozes soothing fun. The graphics are crisp and perky. The sound effects and music are perfectly blended with the gameplay to augment the experience and not detract. With 50 levels and 10 beautiful locations to visit, Sally's Spa will provide many hours of multi-tasking amusement. Now offered at an irresistible price of $.99, this is one spa visit that you can afford.